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3 Quick Fun Strength Building Bodyweight Exercises You Can Do While Working

By: Tim Witherspoon
Many men and women fail to maintain a regular physical exercise program because they really feel they have a shortage of time. If working requires the vast majority of your day for you and you are lacking the energy to work out when you get home following a hectic day on the job, then I have the remedy for the problem. Take your exercising to the office?

The following are a few great bodyweight workouts that you can do right in your workplace.
Bodyweight Squats are an outstanding way to exercise at work and get the body energized, while giving you with a great leg and butt workout. Stand up in front of your chair, feet somewhat more than shoulder width apart and toes pointed a little out about 20 degrees. While keeping your head and chin up, squat down like sitting in your chair while maintaining your balance. When your bottom hits the chair, stand back up to finish up the rep. Start with 10 repetitions and work your way up to your max.

Yet another version of the body weight squat which builds incredible power is the pistol squat or one-legged squat. Balnace yourself on one foot standing in front of your seat with your other foot over the ground straightened out in front of you. Lower yourself on your standing leg until your rear end touches the edge of your seat. As you are squatting, hold your opposite leg about 8 inches raised above the floor. If this is too tricky, then hold on to the arms of your chair for extra balance and assistance. Do your maximum reps until failure and then switch legs.

Another wonderful full body exercise that can be done while working is the dip. Dips can be done by either utilizing a steady chair or edge of desk. Just stand with the desk about a foot behind you and put your hands securely on the edge of the desk, arms as close to ninety degrees to the ground as possible. Merely lower yourself toward the floor until your arm is bent ninety degrees at the elbow, then extend up using your triceps back to the initial position. Go for 5-12 reps. To boost the difficulty, simply adjust your feet further away from the chair or desk, lessoning the total support from your legs.

If you happen to be reading this write-up while on the job then guess what? You are not working anyway! So Instead get up out of your chair at this very moment and do some of these basic, effective bodyweight exercises. Do not worry about looking silly. Most likely, if anybody catches you they will be motivated to do some office aerobics of their own.

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