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5 Helpful Tips On Picking Out Your Mobile Phone

By: Andrea Carless
When you see all those phones in the market, different names, brands and designs; you can't help tell which on would be the best one for you. Well, do your research first, which brand has the most reputable record when it comes to cellphones longevity and which one is the most user friendly. Which phones experiences less crashes and so on. Choosing a mobile is more on the personal level, so here are some tips for you.

1. Think about the kind of design that you want on your phone. Examine the size of the keypad, the placements of the control buttons, if you are able to resize the text to make it bigger or smaller, is the phone comfortable in your hand. Look at the phone closely and try typing on it, are you comfortable with it Are the controls okay. If you have big fingers then this could be a problem for phones with small keypads. Slim phones are in, they are the trend now, but take note of the keypad in these types of phones. Most keypads of slim phones are flat and can be difficult to use. Take note of the arrangement of the keypad: is it qwerty or alphanumeric.

2. Look at the monitor, are the texts readable, is it too small or too big. When you opt for flip phones, go for one with external screens since you can see the caller's name without opening your phone. On the other hand, touchscreens have been in the main market lately and fast growing in popularity. Touchscreens have of course larger LCDs which enables you to operate it using the stylus or your fingers, but the thing about touchscreens is that takes a lot of getting used to.

3. Pick out a phone in which you would be proud and comfortable to carry around. You can always opt for the attractive phone, but do you really need all that Is the interface good Is it user friendly. Some phone do come in different colors so you can choose one which suits your taste. Cellphones come in different shapes and sizes; squares, oblongs, rectangles, slim feature, bulky ones; choose one which you are comfortable holding on to.. Choose a phone that can fit your personal lifestyle and activities. Since some phones are more durable and sturdier than others.

4. The first three tips concentrate on phone design, now let's move on to the features. The list of features on phones are expanding are getting more complicated so just stick to the ones that you need. As a common rule for buyers, don't choose something that is anything more than you need. Be wary of sales people who would try to allure you in buying the more expensive phones. If you want a mobile mainly for talking and texting, then the more simple models will do well for you. Most of these simple phones are over shadowed with the more high-end and complicated phones, most of them are not even displayed so you have to ask the sales person for it.

5. If you are looking for a mobile in which you can send emails and or organise your tasks, then there are PDA phones or smart phones that can do just that. These phones have task managers, ebook readers, PDF readers, word, excel, organisers and such in which you can do it all on your phone.

Now those are the 5 most important things you have to look into a phone before you consider buying them. The phone that you choose must be able to suite your lifestyle, even your personality and the level of activity you do each day. Now that you have an idea as to what to look look for in a phone, it's time that you head to the store.

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