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5 Questions To Answer If You Want To Make Money Online From Home

By: Jon Allo
Every year more and more people are buying products and services online. People from all walks of life have grasped the opportunity of this growing marketplace and have started their own online business from home. But how long does it take to find success online? The answer is that it's different for every person because it depends on your idea of success as well as many other factors.

Can You Make Money From Home Quickly?

You may possibly be able to make money from home in your first week of starting a home based business, but alternatively you could work for months before you ever see the first hint of any money for all of your efforts. So what is it that makes the difference between quicker earnings and having to wait?

Here are 5 questions that you need to answer when starting a home based business.

1. Do you have a solid business model?

What business model are you using in your strategy to achieve results with your home business start up? You must be sure that you have a useful service or product to sell when starting a home based business and that people will be willing to pay for it. There have to be good reasons why a customer would want to buy it from you, instead of one of your competitors. Your entire business must offer value and be customer focussed.

2. How will you find customers?

You can only make money from home if you have a regular stream of customers. For an online business this means website traffic which is customers visiting your website or online sales pages. If you are going to pay for customer traffic, for instance with pay-per-click advertising, banner adverts, solo ads, classified advertisements etc, do you have the available capital? If you are going to use free traffic methods, like blogging, article marketing, forum marketing and search engine optimisation, do you have the time to implement it?

3. Do you have a list building strategy?

There is a well known saying in the online business world and that is the money is in the list. This means that if you want make money from home with your own online business, you need database of customers and potential customers that you continually build up over time. You have to know how build and maintain a list of potential customers and how to retain existing customers so that they will buy again.

4. Do have you an effective marketing funnel?

This means that you have a clearly defined set of steps that your customer will go through within your sales process. For example - they start as a lead, they receive something of value for free from you, they buy a low price product, they join a membership scheme, they buy a mid-price product, they get more rewards, they buy a high price product. Then the cycle starts again.

5. Do you have any support or training?

If you started a new job doing work for somebody else, you would assume that somebody would show you how the job and what you needed to do. Why should it be any different when starting a home based business? Being a home business entrepreneur can be challenging and when you get stuck or have a problem, the temptation to give up can be very strong. Take some time to learn from those who have gone before you and they will help to steer clear of any pitfalls so that you can find success more quickly.

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