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5 Reasons Why Rugged Phones are a Better Choice than the Average Smartphones

By: JeffreyUlrich
With smartphones the task which earlier seemed impossible is quite possible now. However, as useful and powerful it may seem from outwards the more fragile it is from within. All these factors have contributed to the emergence of damage resistant rugged android smartphones that will outlive the average smartphone. The article mentions how these phones can be effective in conditions and situations that seem improbable for an average phone to survive.

Water Damage

The most obvious benefit of owning a tough phone is that it can withstand the physical harm caused by water damage especially due to moisture. For an average phone not only do a few drops of water can render it useless even the moisture that builds up within the pockets is enough to cause damage. Due to the rugged construction these phones can still survive even if submerged in water. Clearly this is not the case with a normal android phone if dunked directly into water.

Slippery Fingers

Contrary to popular belief that smooth and sleek design is nice to look at for sure but these sleek design does not come to the rescue when one loses grip and drops them down. Even the slightest of fumble from the wrist due to sweaty fingers can destroy the entire making of the mobile. This is definitely a disadvantage for mobile users as these situations are inevitable. On the other hand rugged phones can solve these problems as it comes with special casings. It minimizes the damage even if it is dropped from a greater height.

Key Chain Damage

No individual likes to have a phone screen that is damaged merely due to a sharp point of a key chain. At times when placed with the confines of a jacket, the sharp objects find its ways to the sensitive gaps. This is an issue especially when individuals are out on outdoor adventures. With rugged android smartphones all of these issues can be easily avoided. As mentioned a damage resistant phones comes with special case covers that protect the sensitive ports. The screens also remain unscathed as it is made of tough glass and even the lens of the camera is protected.

Pocket Jumbling

Most of the times the damage caused by constant bouncing and juggling is often neglected. This is especially for those who place there mobiles in large pockets where it can easily get banged around. It is definitely not the case with rugged phones. The damage caused by such bumping is better handled due to the case in which these mobiles are placed. The protection shield also moves towards electronics parts which are contained within the mobiles preventing it from damage and popping out.

Hot Cold Damage

Just like the normal phones are vulnerable towards water and dust damage even exposure to extreme temperatures can affect the overall functioning of the mobile. Especially during the summer and winter at these times mobile phones tends to become more sluggish. When compared to the rugged phones these tough phones are far better options.

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