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Available Products Within The Hinge Series

By: Babak Tavakoli
Have you ever wondered how many different types of door hinges exist in the entire world? Well, you'll be surprised at just how many options you have.

The Basic Rectangular Design

We are all familiar with the basic rectangular-shaped hinge. Sometimes, manufacturers add in some finer touches with curved edges. Another interesting update to this long over-used model is the feature of removable pins. This new feature enables much easier installation or removal processes. If you've ever tried to install a bathroom door, you'll appreciate the complicated process that goes into such an operation - trying to properly align it to fit accurately. To put it simply, the installation company will really appreciate it if you bought this specific design.

Even within this basic version, you still have a wide variety of finishes from which to choose. These include satin nickel finishes and chrome plating. You may not realize how important the finish is to the overall look in your bathing space, but selecting an un-matching finish will definitely create an odd look in that short duration when the door flies wide open.

The Tee Shape

If you want a hinge to show off, then the tee hinge is your best option. In fact, you're likely to find varieties with interesting decorative designs meant to add an eye-catching focal point within your bathing space. This would serve the best purpose in antique-themed bathing spaces, whereby black decorative hinges are installed on the doors.

Of course, this variety also has some design variations. You'll always find the traditional design with a tapered edge on one flap and a rectangular shape on the other flap. Alternatively, you can have a tapered edge that doesn't end completely in a round curve.

Zinc plated versions are also available for that modern look in your bathing space. Moreover, you may have the nifty bearing design innovation that completely eliminates metal to metal contact. For every home owner who has ever experienced the irritating squeaking noise from door hinges, that is truly a god-send. With that simple innovation years of gnashing of teeth has finally been to an end.

Strap Design

Closely related to the tee hinges, strap hinges also enhance the decorative appeal in your bathing space. Instead of a tapered edge on only one flap, you have tapered edges on both flaps. Just like the tee hinges, these interesting variants are also quite easy to install, since they are simply surface-mounted.

The Spring Door Innovation

Of all the hinge types, this is truly an excellent innovation of the hinge family. If you thought that the only option for self-closing doors was a bulky hydraulic arm unit, you were terribly mistaken. With the spring loaded hinges, the force used in opening your door will be conveniently used in closing it. When you open the door, the spring within the hinge mechanism uncoils. It then pulls back and closes the door immediately you let go of it. Just make sure to keep it in good working order and replace it before it outlives its useful life span.

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