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Avoid These Bad Attitudes While Looking For A Job

By: Winston Takeda
If you've been looking for a job for any amount of time, you aren't alone. Many people today need jobs, and the economy is getting worse and worse. The official unemployment rate, around eight percent, doesn't take into account all the people that have given up looking for work. If you've been looking for a while, it can be devastating. The longer it takes, the harder it seems. Having that big span of time on your resume doesn't look good, and the bigger it grows, the harder it seems. Of course, you never know when that perfect job is going to come around, and be perfect. When that happens, you've got to take the opportunity and seize it. But that is going to be hard to do if you carry around the attitudes described in this article.

Negative thinking can absolutely kill you. Despite how tough it is to keep a positive attitude when job hunting, it's absolutely essential. You can never walk into a room and see a bunch other people sitting around waiting for their turn and let it get you down. Keep your chin up, and keep thinking about how great it will be when you finally get that high paying job.

Thinking that any one company owes you job is another killer. Companies want to hire people that are going to add to their bottom line. They aren't in the business to spend money on job training programs. If companies started to hand out jobs just to be nice, then they would quickly go out of business, and then nobody would have a job.

Another attitude that plenty of people have when they are in an interview is that if they'd only be given a chance, they would do well. They sometimes even ask for this in the interview. Please, please, give me a chance. This is the wrong attitude to have. You need to explain why it's in the hiring manager's best interests to hire you. You've go to explain how much more money the company will make with you on board. You're not there to ask them for a chance. You're there to help them make money.

Last but not least, having a chip on your shoulder is a terrible thing to do. Carrying around anger at the previous interviews, or your previous boss, will get you nothing but trouble and rejection. Leave all your baggage at the door if you want to get that job.

By shedding these attitudes, you'll do a lot better, and have a lot more chances to get that job you want. Keep a positive attitude, and think happy thoughts, and you'll do fine.

Finding a great employer is always an important thing.

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