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Basic Information on Certificado Energetico

By: Andy Anderson
Energy certificates have become a necessity in most countries and as far as these certificates are concerned Spain has a new law that obliges property owners to get certificado energetico before they sell or rent their properties. This law is in line with that in the other European countries and it is meant to enhance home energy efficiency improvements. The new certificacion energetica establishes all the requirements that are mandatory for those who want to obtain an energy certificate. In order to achieve this, having objective information on the energy characteristics of the building is essential.

Those who buy or rent a certain building have the right to assess and compare the energy characteristics of various buildings, so that they can make an adequate decision prior to purchasing the building or signing a lease. It is useful to know that certificado energetico must be registered by the owner of the building to be valid. Usually the Autonomous Administration keeps a record of these certifications. All new buildings, buildings that are sold or rented to new tenants, buildings with a total useful floor area less than 50 m2 and buildings that are used for a limited time a year with an energy consumption of less than 25% must have an energy certificate.

There are situations when this certificate is mandatory, for example building owners that want to buy or rent their building must have a certificado energetico. To obtain such a certificate you will need basic administrative information regarding the owner of the buildings, its location and general data about the building. Furthermore, there will be an on-site energy audit that obtains the necessary information for the energy certificate. The audit technician will gather relevant information related to the physical characteristics of your building: orientation, exterior exposure, window and door openings, etc.

Energy efficiency calculations will be obtained with the help of an authorized computer software program. Afterwards, the software will generate a report that includes various recommendations and the energy efficiency grade. Obtaining certificacion energetica for your building can be a time-consuming process, but you will be pleased to discover that these certificates are valid for ten years and they come in handy. We should not forget to mention that energy certificates contain information related to the identification of the building, description of tests, checks and inspections that are performed by the technician, description of energy characteristics of the building, facilities, normal operating conditions, thermal comfort, lighting and other relevant data and recommendations.

The recommendations are meant to help the building owner understand what he can do to improve the energy efficiency of his building. To summarize, certificacion energetica will change the way people view energy efficiency, it will make them aware of how important it is to have an energy efficient building. If you don't want to have a difficult time when it comes to selling or renting your property because you don't have an energy certificate, you should do something in this regard.

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