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Best Travel Seasons For Costa Rica

By: Terry Philips
Wherever you go, it's possible to have a great time year round but people opt for different times for a variety of reasons. With Costa Rica, it chiefly depends on what activities you are planning to engage in while you are there when planning your Costa Rica travel packages . For example, if you are interested in seeing a specific type of wildlife, you will want to find out when that animal is most active and there will be the best chance of seeing them.

Everything from pricing to crowds, activities to climate will need to be considered ahead of a Costa Rica trip and how this can effect what you want to do. With regard to the climate, there is no actual dry season in Costa Rica in the sense that, in most places, it simply rains less during the summer months from December through April. The rainy season begins in May and can continue through November. That said, this doesn't mean that this part of the year is one to avoid.

If you want to go surfing on the Pacific Coast, for example, the rainy season is the better time to go. On the Caribbean side of the country, however, it is the drier season in which one can experience better waves. Similarly, you are likely to find better white water rafting courses when it's raining and the rivers are higher, just be careful that it doesn't get too wild. Beginners may want to stick to the beginning of the season for this reason.

If you have your heart set on seeing baby turtles hatching, it will depend on the particular species that interests you as to the best time for travelling. Green turtles, for example, have their peak nesting time between June and October, with August and September being particularly good for catching them. Other animals also have their best times of year for viewing although some, like many species of monkeys, can easily be seen all year round.

Also, if you are a twitcher then you can come at any time of the year to do some bird watching - of course, certain times are better for certain types. If you are coming to Costa Rica for birding, however, you will want to make spotting the resplendent quetzal a priority. This species is easiest to catch sight of between November and May.

Pricing may be a consideration of when to travel as well. During the rainy season, you may be able to get better deals here. Thanks to the European and American holiday seasons you are likely to find that June and July are the exceptions and prices will be high because of this. For this reason, to get better prices, you may want to stick to the beginning or end of the rainy season when you will also not be as likely to have to contend with flooded roads.

During Christmas and Easter, there may be more crowds also because many people take Latin America vacations at this time. And, during the Costa Rican school holidays from December to February, beaches can see an influx of people.

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