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Bullet Proof Glass A Must For Safety

By: Tom Faithstar
A global issue faced these days is on safety and security. Crime rates continuously increase as a result of joblessness and increase in commodity costs. Thieves and robbers are on the lookout searching for target institutions catering to large amounts of money. To address safety and security issues, company owners make use of bullet proof glasses as means of protection. Safety and security is one of the primary concerns of such institutions, and it is also one of the global concerns nowadays that one has to display the high-value items without the risk of having it stolen. The continuous increase in crime rates resulting from lack of jobs and increase in costs of goods, put such companies' investments and the lives of the employees at risk.

In order to address these problems on safety and security, innovations have been made.. Bullet proof glasses are innovations that addressed the needs of majority of the establishments.. The one and only similarity bullet proof glasses and ordinary glasses have is the resemblance they have but at a swift glance.. One of the many differences an ordinary and a bullet proof glass have is the ability to resist bullets; ordinary glasses shatter when struck by a single bullet, while bullet-resistant glasses do not break immediately.. In contrast to a regular glass, a bullet resistant glass can usually endure a couple of rounds of bullets fired on it, without immediately shattering..

Cars and transportation units also make use of bullet proof glasses to protect them against crimes of theft, robbery, and kidnapping.. Bullet proof glass, a sturdy but optically transparent material, can serve as immediate protection but does not give a protection that can be called as a hundred percent all-time protection, as it might give way after repeated assault.. Bullet proof glasses are usually made from a combination of two or more types of glass, one hard and one soft. A bullet proof glass flexes instead of shattering because it has a softer layer that is more elastic.. Keeping the glass transparent is a major challenge; to do this, the index of refraction for the hard, as well as, the soft glass used in the bullet proof layers, must be the same..

Different protection levels and thickness are available for bullet proof glasses.. Creatively designed, the way the resources used in making bullet proof glasses go well with any existing workplace.. Client needs are being considered during the manufacture of these bullet proof glasses; some of these are - transaction windows, doors, fiberglass, structure, barriers, and ballistic counters..

The composition or make-up of bullet proof glasses may seem complex, but they're not, as they are primarily composed of a series of glasses with some sturdy transparent objects. These bullet proof glasses can be classified into different kinds, namely, laminated glass, polycarbonate, acrylic, Glass-Clad Bullet proof glass Polycarbonate.. Layers of glass encrusted with polyvinyl butyral, make up the lowest-priced form of bullet proof glasses - Laminated Glass.. Giving a protection level of one or two, Acrylic has been commonly used in developing bullet proof glass panes and barrier systems.. Acrylic, with abrasion resistant coating, not only guards against cleaning solutions and weather but also dismisses the effects of ultraviolet rays.. Polycarbonate, made of Polycarbonate materials, and giving a protection level of one to three, has two polycarbonate cores and a safe surface.. The presence of the element Polycarbonate makes the bullet proof glass light but prone to scratches.. Examples of glasses with Polycarbonate as its component include TV screens and sunglasses; these come with cleaning clothes for getting rid off accumulated dust without damaging the glass surface..

A protection level ranging from one to five, plus lesser weight, are features of a type of bullet proof glass called the Glass Clad bullet proof glass polycarbonate.. Glass Clad Bullet proof glass polycarbonate has both an interior and an exterior layer, which play important roles; the thin layer on the exterior surface protects it from environmental factors, while the inner layer makes it scratch-free.. A series of well-built and transparent glass layers is the basis for the manufacture of bullet proof glasses that are resistant to impact..

Cleanliness and neatness are vital considerations in bullet proof glasses, since they are like any glass, susceptible to dusts and dirt.. Following the prescribed procedures and utilizing the right kind of materials in cleaning bullet proof glasses will yield good results.. It is advisable that a soft and slightly damp cloth be used, instead of a towel, for wiping dusts off bullet proof glasses.. Extremely diluted detergent having anti-static attributes can be used to get rid of hard-to-remove stains on bullet proof glasses.. Rubbing commercial wax incessantly on the bullet proof glass, using a clean and dry cloth, will give a glossy and shiny view.. In the likely event of a scratch on the bullet proof glasses, a damp tender cotton flannel can be used to remove it.. For the bullet proof glasses to have a sparkling new look all the time, the proper procedures must be followed as instructed..

Thinking of a glass may lead you to imagine a frail matter that shatters easily and jagged shards splattered from one end of the room to another; but this does not happen with bullet proof glasses.. Absorbing a greater impact is something that a bullet proof glass can do, and something that a regular glass cannot.. Bullet proof glasses could be a solution to the dilemma faced by the institutions that need good display and good security for their high-value items.. Preventing thieves from destroying establishments and stealing its merchandise by making it hard for bullets to break in is the main benefit gained when utilizing bullet proof glasses as barriers and windows.. Bullet proof glasses available nowadays are still insufficient in protecting individuals from high-powered weapons; however, manufacturers are making ways to improve the quality of these Bullet proof glasses.

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