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Effective Tool for Least Cost Routing

By: Mike Tindall
Call routing over the web is done using complex tools that allow making international outbound calls at the lowest possible rates. There are many firms that offer technical support and make outbound calls and the charges to which are borne by the company. The annual cost of such calls goes very high considering the number of calls made and received. These firms make use of least cost routing software or tool to minimize the expenditure but there are many who do not get desired results. A few drawbacks are found is such tools and the pricing is also very high. There is a firm that offers unique and creative solutions based on their market research and some of its important features can be explained as follows. It is based on a low cost cloud LCR where a vendor gets complete control, access and transparency over its network. The tool provides complete carrier access and SIP Termination control UI designed for RBOCs, CLECs, ILECs, CableCO, MSOs, and ITSPs.

The least cost routing tool offers one click access instantly and the field can be edited on real time basis. The real time control allows in including and excluding any carrier and all the major domestic and international carriers are pre listed. Users can also combine the features and route more call on-net to save money. The least cost routing or the LCR comes with advanced routing features and is a first ever cloud-based least cost routing platform. Some of its exclusive features include dual redundancy, CAP pricing ceilings and post dial delay. This helps in routing the call and managing them at the lowest possible rates. The routing profiles included in the tool are Carrier Inclusion, Prime, Full LCR and Max Rate. All the above profiles are configurable real-time that makes the routing process more effective.

The least cost routing tool comes with a power and innovative route blocking feature where users can search and filter the results using drop down menus. The advanced search bar helps in setting quick and effective blocks on specific routes to save call costs. The tracing diagnostics features helps in generating reports and monitoring the call details real time to make instant changes if required. Users can search for any call detail using an advanced query tool. Research and analytics are needed for any business and this tool has inbuilt business intelligence suite to monitor usage and validate performance and cost savings. The tool is available for free which is something people find really hard to believe. The earnings are based on commission and are applicable only if the business provider gets results. Quality solutions at low price are the demand of the market which can be easily achieved with the help of this tool that delivers guaranteed results. The developers have posted the details of the application over the web where interested people can get detailed information on the software and its usage. Video demos are hosted for a better understanding. Users can connect with the developers over the phone or through live chat.

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