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Fly Fishing Accessories Must haves when fly fishing

By: Chris Slattery
Every one knows there's more to fly fishing then a rod, reel, line and flies but most people have way to many accessories that can actually be a burden when fishing. So is there really a need for all the fly fishing accessories?

While every angler just loves to get there hands on any thing they can related to fishing, there are some items that are a must have when fly fishing. Besides the rod, reel and line there are other accessories that can some times be forgotten leaving a frustrated angler standing by the lake or river side cursing after loosing a big fish.

Of course you can go fishing and catch fish right after buying the basics but what about a specially designed fly fishing bag? A normal shoulder bag would do at the start but when your kit grows it will no longer suffice as you wont have the room to store items such as reels, line, fly boxes etc. That's why you should get a bag designed for fly fishing as it has all the pockets and different storage compartments for your different accessories making it much easier for you to find what your looking for by the waters edge.

Or maybe a fly fishing vest? Just as useful as a bag but you ca wear it, for some this can be a pro or a con. Next your going to need a net. Trying to play a fish and land it at the same time is hard to do but with out a net trying to land the fish with your hand then 9 times out of 10 your going to loose the fish. Make sure to buy a good strong landing net as they are invaluable.

Sunglasses are also a must have not only to protect your eyes from the glare off the water but also any flying hooks and will also help you see any fish in the top layers of the water column.

Float ant and Sink ant are two items every fly angler should have. Fishing dry flies is the creme DE la creme of fly fishing. You need to present the fly perfectly but that's near impossible with out float ant to keep the fly in the surface film of the water and sink ant to sink the tippet and not spook the fish. When fishing nymphs, buzzers and wet flies you will need to apply sink ant to the leader so it will also sink and not hold your fly or flies in the top foot or two of water.

Forceps should always be at hand for unhooking fish with ease and a scissors is also a good tool which can come in handy on many occasions.

Fly boxes come in many different designs. Don't make things awkward by carrying big fly boxes crammed with every fly pattern you own. Instead, break your fly patterns down into dries, wets, nymphs, lures etc, and put them into small boxes that can be carried easily in your fly fishing bag or vest pockets.

And last on the must have list of fly fishing accessories is a pair of waders. You can get them in many different styles but my personal favorite are chest waders as the allow you to wade as deep as necessary while also been able to keep you warm in the depths of winter

To learn more about fly fishing accessories and must haves to improve your fishing dramatically check out www.flyfishing-for-beginners.com

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