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Get the Best iPhone Protection with Otterbox Cases

By: Juan Gonzales
iPhone 4s is one of the well-liked models in the entire iPhone series. Due to its amazing functionality and sturdy features, this model is rated amongst the most valuable phones that one can possess. These phones are smart indeed and help its owners carry out both simple and complex tasks with ease. However, accidental damage can affect the build quality and may also cause malfunctions. To prevent this, you will have to buy iPhone 4s cases separately. With so many case variants, you are sure to be spoilt for choice. You can choose to purchase a metallic case for your iPhone handset and ensure optimal protection. Doing this is most favorable if you think you are a little careless in handling your iPhone and need a reliable option to offer protection to the device during usage. In case you want to choose a classier look for decking up your iPhone, a leather iPhone case would be the most ideal purchase for you. Although an expensive option, it will protect your iPhone from getting damaged in certain situations. However it may not be able to protect your iPhone incase it slips from your hand and crashes down to the floor. Apart from the cases one finds in the grey market, the most trendy and updated protection high on the popularity charts of users are the Otterbox cases.

The Otterbox cases embody amazing specs. Over-molded bumpers that are internal and external, protect edges and the corners of the iPhone 4 series. The metal latches in these cases hold the two case halves perfectly to create an airtight seal. Its inner silicone protection offers a custom fit to the mobile models while ensuring complete safety of the device at all times. Precision openings are kept to enable full functionality of the camera and flash through Armor Series Case. These cases are sturdy with High-strength reinforced plastic, specially designed for customers who prefer long term use. The case promises to withstand full throttle crushing force. Users can find a built-in screen protector which is attached to the case. This has been done to prevent scratches on the LCD screen of the iPhone 4s. In fact, this attribute also helps to deter stains and fingerprints. Vent covers are made of a non-permeable membrane and mesh layer allows sound out with efficacy. The approximate weight of the case without device is 120 g or 4.23 oz. It comes in dimensions of 5.14 in x 2.94 in x 0.82 in, which is equivalent to 13.06 cm x 7.47 cm x 2.08 cm.

The Otterbox Armor Series waterproof case for iPhone 4S has been tested by being submerged at 6.6 meters underwater for 30 minutes. The case is also reported to have survived a 10 foot drop, allowing negligible entry of dust or dirt and withstanding 2 tons of flattened force. However, when headphones are in use, this iPhone 4s case Armor series is not waterproof. The entire design of these cases is well articulated to slide in your iPhone 4s in the most flawless way.

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