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Home Staging Tips: Revamping your Living Room and Kitchen for a Successful Sale

By: Graham Brightwell
Home staging can really help sell your property fast and at a great price tag. So here are some home staging tips for your kitchen and living room:


• Clear your counters completely. Remove everything from your counters, such as appliances and other counters.

• Clear out your dishes. Keep in mind that you'll be moving anyway, so now is the right time to think about what you want to donate or get rid of. Pack up pans, pots, dishes, silverware, and the like, that you no longer want or need and donate them. And then pack up all dishes you want and set them all aside for the move. Leave one nice matching set of dishes or silverware in your cupboard for a neat display. Home buyers will open cupboards and if you do this they will see how the cupboard is used and how much space is available.

• Same things goes for your food. Clean out your fridge and cabinets. Buyers will open these too! Consider donating some of your pantry items. Put some remaining food back in the fridge and cabinets. Make sure they're neatly stored.

• Clear out all drawers and sort them out. Put back only the stuffs you really need.

• After cleaning out everything, start to set up the dιcor and ambiance. Put some type of a feature on your kitchen counter. It could be a huge bowl of lemons or oranges or an orchid plant. Have your dining table set with nice plates and napkins. Place a nice, seasonal centerpiece. Then on the day of the open house, consider baking some cookies or cupcakes.

Living Room

• Remove all stuffs from all surface and shelving areas. If you have twenty items on one shelf, cut the number to five or seven, so potential home buyers can visualize their own things there. Pack or donate the rest of the items.

• Your kids' gallery of paintings and other artwork has to go, as well as your family portraits or pictures. Replace them with generic art just so your wall won't be left empty.

• If your living room needs a new coat of paint, paint it. It is not expensive and you'll add value to your house if you do.

• Fix or replace any damaged or broken curtain rods, light switches. You'll need to have them fixed anyway, so do it now.

• Study the way your pieces of furniture are arranged. Make sure they show the best features of the room. Remove those that would not make sense. Rent a storage unit or donate some of the pieces.

• Make sure the room sticks with only one theme. Contemporary or classic, not both. The living room must have a consolidated look and feel throughout the house. This will help you get rid of about 50% of your stuffs too.

• Make sure your coffee table is neat. De-clutter it and put a few nice pieces, such as scented candle, two to three books, sea shells and pebbles (depends on the theme of the living room).

• After thoroughly cleaning everything, place seasonal dιcor or fresh flowers in the room.

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