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How To Land A Great Job Using Template Resumes

By: Thomas Roberts
Landing the perfect job takes a mixture of good timing and presentation. Your resume says a lot about how organized, experienced and professional you are. Being able to stand out from the crowd is crucial. The idea of using template resumes, or prefabricated forms to snag that all-important position seems self-defeating. The fact is, a template is designed to maximize the amount of information that an employer needs from you to make a quality hiring decision.

No longer is a simple list of former employers on a piece of paper going to get you noticed. Education, interests and achievements are more important than ever. An employer attempts to make a long term decision to invest time and money into every employee they hire. Putting your best foot forward from the beginning is the best way to ensure a positive result.

Using a template will allow you to place all the information in an easy to find layout, but gives you flexibility to be creative and individual. There are different font sizes and types, border colors and decorative designs to help grab the attention of the potential employer. The odds of two resumes being submitted that look exactly alike are astronomical.

The window of opportunity to catch the eye of the employer is very small. Many times it amounts to a minute or less. A poorly put together resume will end up in the trash every time. You may be the most qualified person for the job, but if the information they need can't be found quickly, they will move right along to the next candidate. Time is money when it comes to business.

The biggest problem when trying to put together your own resume is forgetting valuable information. It's true that a potential employer wants to know what work experience you have, but they are also interested in whether you are involved in volunteer activity, won awards or have plans of continuing education. There are many factors that are taken into account when filling positions. It wouldn't make much sense for a company to hire someone if they had plans to move out of the country or switch vocations in the near future.

Using a template resume will help you stay focused and on track while presenting yourself as the most experienced and logical choice to get the job done. A concise, well organized resume is what every employment recruiter wants. This allows them to concentrate on asking questions during an interview that pertain to the open position, rather than trying to fish out information about you that should and could have been supplied on the resume.

The economy always has and always will undergo ups and downs. The downs make it a little bit harder to find that perfect job, but it certainly isn't impossible. Give yourself the best advantage to getting the job you want by submitting a top knotch resume. Lack of attention to details, or forgetting an important piece of information could amount to a lost employment opportunity.


Thomas Roberts is a professional who has studied the art of resume writing to improve his own career, although he does not claim expertise. If you need help with your resume, as an alternative to template resumes he highly recommends the e-book 101 Before-and-After Resume Examples written by one of the top resume pros in the nation.

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