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How To Tell If A Guy Likes You

By: CupidMentor
Girls discreet or not tend to have obvious patterns of exhibiting what they feel. Guys on the other hand can prove to be more difficult to comprehend than a Calculus textbook. A lot of times this is because they do not want to be the ones to initiate the conversation, and other times it is just because they have the emotional range of a teaspoon and need a push in the right direction. This guide should sharpen your radar on how to tell if a guy likes you.

So what are the signs?

Body language.

Body language is one of the easiest ways to figure a guy out. Do you find him looking at you more often? Does he maintain eye contact?

Look at his hands and feet when he is talking to you. If they are pointed towards you, he is definitely interested. When you talk and his shoulders lean towards you, it is a sign that he is into what you are saying. Regardless of whether he knows that he likes you or not, his body does and it will respond.

Interest in all things you

If a guy who previously did not know the difference between a Cello and an Oboe is suddenly trying to discuss Bach with you, he is definitely interested. He knows that it matters to you and he wants you to know that he knows. It is a man's indirect way of saying that he really likes you, and one of the fastest tricks on how to tell if a guy likes you.

He is suddenly all C.I.A with you

If a guy suddenly has a billion questions to ask you about your favorite John Hughes movie or what vegetable you do not like in your salad, it means he likes you. This is his way of learning things about you, figuring out what makes you tick and how to impress you. If a guy does not really care about you, he does not spend time getting to know you.Just as you might wonder what questions to ask a guy, if a guy likes you he will think of questions to ask you as well.

He is all macho around you

Yes girls want guys to be all sensitive and not to feel the need to pull some alpha male craziness to prove that they like you. However, men are sometimes incapable of holding down this primal instinct. So if a guy suddenly gets all protective of you, or jealous when you speak to other guys, this is a signs that he really likes you.

He is all over you social media

Did he send you a friend request on Facebook? Is he following you on Twitter? Does he like and comments on all your posts, even the ones about your pet gerbil: Pudgeknees? If the answer is yes, he is definitely into you. Social media is the virtual manifestation of our internal worlds, and his internal world is crazy for you.

There are plenty other ways guys indicate their interest. So before you start thinking about cute things to say to your boyfriend, it's important that the guy actually likes you before you start taking things seriously.

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