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I think I'm Gay, but I am Not Sure

By: Devon Grey

Copyright (c) 2014 QueerWorld.com

For young men, being sexually attracted to men, or for women, being sexually attracted to other women is a significant indicator of homosexuality. Feelings of being attracted to the same sex tend to emerge in men and women from an early age.

It is not uncommon for some gay men to have feelings of sexual attraction for women as well as men and the same can be said for women. Globally, one in ten people identify as gay or lesbian, and experts on sexuality estimate that up to one in ten people may be gay or lesbian.

To state the obvious, at any large gathering of people there will be many gay men and lesbian women in attendance. Homosexuals frequently go unnoticed or labeled as gay unless or until he or she makes the decision to be overt. You may never know who is a lesbian, gay, bisexual and who a transgender is in a small group or a large crowd.

Gay teens may not be able to verbalize the conflicting sexual feelings they experience before or during puberty, and may question whether they are gay or lesbian for a variety of reasons. It is common for teens to question where they belong, and the difference between being attracted to the opposite sex or the same sex.

The key to owning who you are begins with being truthful with yourself, and have an honest conversation with a knowledgeable adult regarding your sexuality. Most teens who think they may be gay, have always known they were different from friends, classmates and family members.

Most teens try to deny or dismiss same sex attractions because society identifies LBGT lifestyles as abnormal and we all want to be considered normal. Same sex attractions are normal for gay men and lesbian women.

Most teens just don't know how to identify their same sex attractions and the label doesn't matter as much as an individuals acceptance of himself or herself. We all take our cues from friends and family. If you come from a family that speaks of LGBT lifestyles with homophobic language, you will not feel encouraged to come out to your family.

Acceptance is important and support can not be forced or demanded. Teens that are uncertain about their sexuality should speak with an informed adult that they trust. It is very difficult to trust any person with such sensitive and personal information if they have made negative comments about LGBT lifestyles.

Take care with whom you talk about your sexuality and don't have sex with them unless they are the person you are sexually attracted to and trust -- this is conventional advice for male and female, teens and adults alike.

Most teens hesitate to label their feelings for the same sex for fear of being ostracized. Don't rush to label your feelings. Each person's sexual identity develops over a period of time. For boys puberty is a period of intense sexuality, and they may identify same sex preferences earlier. Girls tend to be more fluid and may develop same sex preferences later in life.

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