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Is It True Does Exercise Make You Happy

By: Jon Allo
Did you know that getting fit and in shape with exercise makes you happy? Chronic depression is combated with regular exercise, and aside from helping you return to your natural body weight, the benefits of regular exercise and other fitness activities are great for your heart and your circulation.

Something as simple as a short and brisk walk for 30 minutes will immediately make you more alert. And intense physical exercise makes you feel happier as it stimulates specific chemicals in your brain which make you to feel happier and calmer.

A New Lifestyle For You.

Of course, there are the self-esteem benefits of regular exercise which make you feel good about yourself when you look in the mirror and see how all your hard work is paying off. The key to becoming happier is regular exercise and dedication to your fitness goals. This includes ensuring you are drinking lots of water throughout the day, and changing your lifestyle to include a healthy diet.

The reason that exercise makes you feel happy is because of to the chemicals released during exercise. These are called endorphins and they help your brain lower your notion of pain. When you exercise for an extended period of time, high levels of endorphins are released. Long-distance runners call it the runner's high and you may have experienced this euphoric feeling after an intense workout. This is due to the huge release of endorphins in your body, which significantly and rapidly trigger a happier and healthier outlook.

Here Come The Endorphins!

Endorphins are generated in your spinal cord, brain and other areas of your body. They and also work as sedatives. But, in contrast to chemical sedatives like morphine, there is no unhealthy dependency produced when your body is filled with endorphins.

The benefits of regular exercise, even at mild intensity levels, promotes positive self-esteem, can erase feelings of depression, is great for lowering anxiety and reducing stress, and can even improve your sleep patterns.

Your take on life is always better when you feel good about yourself. The chemical process already programmed into your physical makeup makes sure that exercise makes you feel happier, vitalized and ready to take on the world.

The benefits of regular exercise and reducing your weight help your heart, reduce your blood pressure and improve your strength and body tone. And because your body is chemically arranged to make you happier when you exercise, is another good reason to get started with regular fitness program.

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