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Must Have Total Make Over for your Cell Phones

By: Gyrel Dagooc
Cell phones are in demand worldwide. Everywhere in the city use this gadget, from elders to youngsters. They are no longer luxury gadgets for rich people as what people think way back, but a necessity as part of their daily living. Having your own cell phone at hand and available for all or your daily chores and emergencies requires the right and fashionable cell phone accessories to be “IN” in new trends, enhance you phone appearance, be advanced, and keep it safe. The increased usage of cellular phones gives rise to the accessories used for cell phone and other wireless devices. Here are the top must have accessories for any regular cell phone and their value additions for your phones:

Cell Phone Charger and Batteries – High quality, long-lasting batteries is the key to maximize talk-time, longer time on playing music, browsing the internet, and playing games on your phones. Each battery has an expected amount of time in use before it needs a charge depending in its features and capabilities. One of the most important tips I have learned as a cell phone user is to charge your cell phones ONLY when it is fully drain and avoid using it while charging. However, avoid storing a fully-charged battery for long periods of time as this can have a detrimental effect on its life. If you are a cell phone user that talks your way through the day, it is probably a good idea to invest in a back-up battery. Also, keeping a backup battery ready for use, will allow you to keep working or make a call in times of emergency when you have already run down your first. Irreversible damage done to batteries of cellular phones or wireless devices can make the cellular phone or wireless device a redundant piece of electronic item. Batteries made available by cell phone accessory dealers ensure you do not have to invest in a new phone or wireless device by simply replacing a new battery with the damaged one. You need to ensure the batteries are company manufactured and are compatible with the brand and model of cellular phone or wireless device you use. One of standard to identify the quality of batteries, cell phone chargers or any gadgets you buy is the warranty in case your item has been damaged. If your battery is the most important cell accessory, than your charger is the first-runner-up. One charger for your home or work is sufficient to get by, but for true convenience invest in a car charger as well. Chargers are relatively inexpensive, and tend to last longer than your phone will. The ease of being able to charge at home as well as in transit is well worth the added cost.

Holsters/Case and Belt Clips - Holsters and belt clips allow you to keep the phone safe and secure in the position you intend to keep it. Holsters and belt clips are also customized to suit the specific brand and model to ensure it is compatible with the model. Holsters and clips allow the cellular devices to be clipped to bags, belts, purses and pockets. They are available in various styles according to unit of your phone. There is the horizontal case that looks very much like an eyeglass cases. Vertical cases look like pocket eyeglass cases. Cell phone holsters are available for your belt or to be worn across you shoulder like you see policemen wear on television. There are leather cases that are required to provide a protective sheath to your cell phone. Cellular phones attract a host of germs, dirt and grime with every day usage. Keeping phones in a leather case after every use ensures your phone is hygienic and does not attract dirt. Leather cases are available in different shapes and sizes to meet specific cellular phone models requirements.

Bluetooth Devices – Bluetooth technology was originally created as a way of allowing various hardware devices to communicate with each other, without the need for wires or cabling. This is what you may well have heard referred to as wireless communications. This particular type of technology only works over fairly short distances. It's typically used to allow communication between a PC or laptop computer and a mobile phone, or from one mobile phone to another.. The modern cell phones are used for much more than just talk. You can take pictures; shoot video, listen to music, and so much more. And now, with the addition of Bluetooth, now a standard feature on most new cell phones, you can do all these things easily and more conveniently than ever before, because Bluetooth lets you do it all wirelessly.

Cell Phone Skins - This is a customizable, removable, and replaceable vinyl decoration that is adhered onto your mobile phone. Several companies now devote themselves only to the creation of Skins for laptops, cell phones, digital cameras, and even your mp3 players. You will have the ability to pick, from a list of devices, your exact cell phone model and then select the Skin that appeals to you. The Skins are custom designed and cut to fit each device perfectly. Some Skins are in several pieces, depending on the design of the mobile phone they are customized for, and are very easy to apply to your phone. Simply clean the phone thoroughly, either with an alcohol wipe or a damp cloth, and apply the Skin. You can, also, remove the Skin easily. However, the adhesive might not work as well the second time around. Younger kids tend to look for fashion, but a trendy cell phone is so expensive and out-of-your-allowance, then how can you do. You don't have to buy an expensive fashion cell phone to make it totally fashionable. There are all sorts of modifications anyone can make to their cell phone relatively cheaply, depending on your phone's model and age. Here's a round-up of less-expensive ideas that will help you make your cell phone your own fashion cell phone that can make to their cell phone relatively cheaply, depending on your phone's model and age.

Gyrel Dagooc is an article writer for GodooDads Cell phone Accessories. You can check out for our cheap cell phone accessories on the web for iPhone, BlackBerry, Samsung, Nextel, Nokia, Motorola, Sanyo, HTC, and more!
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