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Personal Safety During an Emergency

By: Eric Holm
You never know when a natural disaster, emergency or other crisis might occur in your neighborhood. These can be scary events that create chaos and cause confusion among residents. For this reason, it is important to prepare for your personal safety during an emergency.

First, consider creating a safety kit that holds all the items you might need if an emergency occurs in your community. This should include emergency food and water as well as a first aid kit to treat injuries. Many families also choose to include neon safety vests, a long range whistle and a flashlight that operates on batteries or with a hand crank. It is also a good idea to put a battery operated or solar radio in your kit with AM/FM frequencies. This radio can be used to receive important messages from government agencies in the event of a power loss. Finally, in order to ensure your personal safety during an emergency, many kits also include a survival guide. This important reference material can provide important instructions on survival during a natural disaster or other crisis situation.

Unfortunately, an emergency may also be an opportunity for criminals to break into homes or business, steal items that do not belong to them and even attack innocent victims. Therefore it is important to keep supplies on hand that will ensure your personal safety during an emergency. This includes pepper spray and a stun gun. Both of these items can be used as personal defense tool to fend off criminals or anyone that tries to attack your family. In addition, you may be forced to take cover in your own home during an emergency. In order to be prepared for this possibility, consider arming your home with a motion sensor and door alarms that can detect an unwanted intruder.

No one can predict when an emergency will occur, so it is best to prepared for any and all circumstance. Personal safety during an emergency is an important survival tool and it should not be taken lightly. Although it may seem unnecessary to keep all of these items on hand, it is better to be prepared and not caught off guard. Consider keeping a waterproof storage bin or other container with all of the items your family may need during an emergency or natural disaster in your community. These personal security supplies can mean the difference between life and death for your family.

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