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Personalized Cars with Hydrographics

By: Julia Bennet
We crave for originality, for making things ours, for letting other people know that certain objects belong to us and at the same time represent us and our personal style. When it comes to our car, we want the best out of the best with the nicest design, parts of the highest level of quality and a look that could have only been done according your personal preferences. When talking about a man s pride, an object that belongs to him needs to show a big part of his personality. Here is where you can benefit from water transfer printing, a process that is also known as hydrographics. This specific process involves 3D printing of different objects such as the interior of a car or even a game controller.

Why would you want to personalise your car with water transfer printing? Well, the process of hydrographics comes with many advantages such as the fact that it is cheaper than other printing options and the fact that due to its final coat, it can last for years to come. Another great thing about this process is that you can have your own customized design that can be then applied to the part of the car that you desire. You can have your dashboard printed with water transfer, fact that will give it a unique look that will be recognised by whomever gets to see your car. Even if you were to sell the car afterwards, these personalized items can be reprinted so that they fit with the style of the next owner.

When it comes to the patterns and colours that you may choose for personalising the chairs or the dashboard or any part of the exterior of your car, the possibilities are endless. You can benefit from a camouflage look or blue flames or whatever elements that say something about your personal taste. Even if you have an image in your mind that does not look the same after you have used water transfer printing on a particular object, you can have it reprinted. So, you do not have to stick with one design for a long time if you do not want to do so. You can easily change it as long as you know exactly what you want afterwards.

The fact that you can reprint a customised design is an advantage for when you want to sell your car, if you ever want to sell it. When personalizing it, you can choose to have a top coat that is clear and can be matt or even glossy, depending on what you want for your vehicle. It is very important that after the design is printed on the object that you have chosen you apply that top coat in order to protect it from scratches and other possible damage. Also, at this point, if there are any possible defects, they can be easily fixed. Personalize your car the way you want to with the best designs!

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