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The very basic guide for Oxytocin peptide

By: Vikram kumar
Oxytocin is a natural hormone found in mammalian organisms and it was synthesized first in 1953 and since then, its popularity especially in the world of research has continued to grow significantly. Primarily, this peptide works as a neurotransmitter and it is found in the brain. According to research findings, this peptide plays a very crucial role in female portion of reproductive system as well as the birthing process. During labor, it facilitates the process of birthing and during breastfeeding; it enhances stimulation of the nipple as well.

Even though the peptide is best known for these roles highlighted here above, studies conducted recently with other peptides like GHRP have shown that the peptide does much more than this. Links between the peptide and body have been discovered especially when it comes to its role in some social behavior that are much more complex. For instance, researchers have found that the peptide usually influence a wide range of social behaviors like anxiety, bonding, love social recognition and anxiety among others. As if this isn't enough, word also has it that it places a very crucial role in post coitally and orgasm and there is so much that it can do according to researchers.

According to the findings of a recent research, there is increased plasma Oxytocin in both women and men at orgasm. In fact, the levels of the peptide are increased even much more during masturbatory orgasm even though the level might be nearly equal after self arousal but this will only be like 5 minutes or so. The effects of this hormone on the contractions of muscles also help in facilitating the transportation of sperm and eggs. In a recent study that was done on women, the hormone was found to play a very crucial role when it comes to sexual arousal.

In another recently concluded research, Oxytocin was found to be in increased amounts during the state of sexual arousal which researchers attributed to be due to the response to stimulation of areola, nipple, genitals or genital orifice. In fact, besides in humans, similar effects have also been confirmed as well in other mammals. In another research that was done on men as the subjects, it was found that the level of this mammalian hormone was found to be high throughout sexual arousal even though no acute increase as such was found at orgasm.

The interest in GHRP alongside other peptides is highly likely to continue. Researchers will take more of these peptides to clinical trials as well in their efforts of trying to understand them better for the benefit of humans.

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