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Tips For Planning the Perfect Key West Wedding

By: Kaelyn Kelly-Colon
Planning the perfect Florida island wedding can be pretty intimidating. Wedding reception planning can be overwhelming anyway, with so many choices to make and so many things you have to book in advance. It can sometimes seem like there a hundred ways everything could go wrong. First, take a deep breath, and then use these tips, tricks and general advice for getting started.

One of the most exciting parts of wedding preparation is entertainment. Are you going to have a live band or a DJ? Both? There are tons of incredibly talented musicians available in the sunshine state. Narrowing down what kind of entertainment you want to book is the first step in finding what you want. Hosting a meeting with the individuals or groups you are considering hiring is a great way to get a feel for their working style, and checking out their music beforehand is a great way to gauge how they'll do at your reception. If your audience is a mixed bag of tastes that go head-to-head, a DJ may be a good investment. Evaluate the pros and cons in relationship with your wedding theme, and also the tastes of your guests.

Another thing that will depend on theme and guest taste is, well, the food! Florida offers easy access to many different kinds of fresh seafood, including the regional favorite, crab cakes. While there are many people who love seafood, there are also a significant portion of people who are allergic to it, or just plain dislike it. Having additional menu options that do not rely on seafood, or even meat, will make your menu more accessible to members of your family that have special dietary needs and concerns. Keep in mind that Florida also provides some unique cultural desserts, like the best key lime pie in the country. The closer to the source, the better it is. If you are looking to provide alternatives to wedding cake slices for guests, consider adding some of Florida's more singular treats. Also, keep in mind the location of your dining. Are you going to be utilizing the patio dining or outdoor dining options many restaurants, cafes and other banquet halls offer? If so, you may want to consider what kind of food does well in the Florida heat. Soup might not be the best decision unless you're offering an indoor, air-conditioned reception environment. Likewise, a cold, refreshing salad is great when you're basking in the sun.

Finally, a good general rule of thumb when you're planning your island wedding is to book way ahead of time. Make sure that, if you are booking during the popular tourist seasons, you are able to secure the locations you most want ahead of time. Good luck!

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