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Web Page Designers - Making Your Pages Unique

By: Elijah James
Learning how to make a website properly means understanding various web languages that power the web. You will have to learn HTML, JavaScript, PHP and optionally dozens of other languages if you wish to develop highly interactive or dynamic websites. But you really have to be passionate on learning the technical aspects of web development. Simply having a creative mind isn't enough unless you are willing to use a web page designer application. In fact, it is highly recommended to use a program if you feel that you have that creativity and do not have time to learn complicated programming languages. Rather than having the challenge of mastering different codes, your challenge is really to find a good web page designer tool. Fortunately, it isn't as hard especially if you do some research.

But the best web page designer tool should always be the one that presents a user interface that you like. This way, you won't quickly lose interest in learning how the program works. In order to make nice websites with the program, you have to be familiar with the toolbars, menu items and other features. For instance, people that want more flexibility in making site layouts may appreciate an interface that supports drag and drop so they can easily add objects and other site elements. Other people may prefer a more step-by-step approach so they can build their site from start to finish.

But if you want to learn as you easily make your website, it is more advisable to get a web page designer program that allows you to conveniently view the source code. This way, you can see how your crafted designs translate to actual codes. Some programs even offer a special split view where you can see both the code and the preview of your site.

Once you have time to practice some coding to make some finer edits to your site, you may find yourself having difficulty getting the job done because of all the text on the screen. Source codes of pages can be really overwhelming but some good web page designer programs add some color to the source codes so it is easier to understand. For instance, JavaScript codes will have a different color than the HTML tags so you can easily focus on a certain error. It also helps if the program has error checking capabilities so you can find out any broken HTML tags. Even if you know how to make a website using Windows Notepad, a web page designer program with syntax highlighting is better in every respect.

As long as the developer of the program continues to support application, you should consider using it. If it costs money, look for a trial version before you spend money.


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