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What Is A Used Car Salvage Title

By: Aria Silverson
Salvage title is actually a phrase that frequently comes up in ads for second-hand vehicles. Before you make up your mind on getting a used car which says it has got this kind of title, it is vital you are aware of what this means otherwise you may have difficulties in the future.

What's a Salvage Title

Some cars undergo damage in an auto accident or even a natural calamity and are unfit for driving. Numerous users of these types of cars get rid of them at salvage yards, which usually carry out repairs as well as change the non-functional portions to render the car fit for use yet again. But, the law requires these types of vehicles to be stamped with a salvage title to make sure that any person who would like to purchase this kind of vehicle later on is aware that the car had endured some damage before.

For a vehicle to get called as salvage, the level of the damage the vehicle sustained needs to be equal to 75 percent or higher of its value. Interestingly, this figure may vary from state to state and a few states which include New Jersey, Oklahoma, New York, Oregon, New Mexico, Maryland, Georgia, Minnesota, Illinois, Florida as well as Arizona also grant these kinds of salvage titles to stolen vehicles that have been recovered.

Points to Consider

Salvage cars appear attractive to people who want to procure a vehicle on a tight budget because they are priced much lower than what a new model would cost. However, before you decide on making such a purchase, it is important to consider a few important points.

* Although the damaged parts have been replaced with new ones, there is no guarantee of how efficiently the salvaged vehicle will run and for how long.

* A used car with a salvage title is not easy to sell in the event that you wish to trade it in for a new car, because the dealers will view it with suspicion.

* Check the wording used to describe the nature of the used car being advertised; some salvage yards selling them use terms such as
esalvaged without clearly saying the car has a salvage title.

* Always ask the seller for documentary evidence of the repair work that has been carried out on the car; avoid buying the car if the salvage yards cannot produce this proof. Almost all states require these documents to be submitted for granting a salvage title, so if your seller refuses to show them to you, it may mean that he has not actually received the title.

Understanding what is a salvage title is the first step to know how to assess the value of a used car with a salvage title. With this information, you can then find the right way to check the value of such a vehicle.

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