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Why Do People Lie When Lies Hurt

By: Norma Holt

Recent scandals involving governments caught out spying on affairs in other countries has raised this question once again. It demonstrates that there is no trust between leaders because most of them have been caught out lying or covering up.

At the heart of the lies that entrap them is power and control, which is usually involved with money and security. Is it not a fair question then to ask why do people lie? Lies hurt and eventually they are always found out and the ones telling them lose face, are no longer trusted or, at worst, can be murdered for the pain they have caused. That shows the depth of anger and despair between people who are victims and perpetrators of deceit. Many are confused about why they lie.

This is shown by the SE results on one of my sites on this subject where the questions entered therein are recorded. It is obvious that they want answers and it can lead people to depression and even suicide if the problem remains unresolved.

Following my reincarnation and memory of passing from life to life it was one of the first things my young mind focused on. When my dear auntie died they told me she had gone to heaven. That set off a string of questions as I knew that no such place existed.

In the Catholic school I attended the nuns constantly reinforced the notion that we go to heaven when we die or the bad ones go to hell. It is within the power of everyone to know that such places are lies. They are not found anywhere, they cannot be touched, seen, smelt, heard or felt and yet people believe in them and constantly promote them as being correct. If, however, they looked beyond the veneer they would see the trick involved.

Religions rely on them to get their audience and, therefore, their income. Heaven drags them in and hell is the lock on the door. It is also the key to their wallets as people will pay in the expectation they will live forever in paradise. Some will even commit murder or blow themselves up for the same reason.

These are lies and people go along with them. If they are the first untruths they hear then it is easy to follow them up with more of the same. Christmas is a lie as it is based on the return of the sun after winter solstice in the Northern Hemisphere. Yet most people will work like slaves, spend like millionaires, eat like fools and suffer all year round to pay off the debts, reduce their weight, and recover from the thrill of a couple of hours of so-called delight.

Generally we are trained from the cradle to lie and cover up so that some may be spared pain or indulged in fun for a short time. Whatever the reason telling lies is a slippery slope and tragic in outcome.

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