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Womans Gambling Conference Women

By: Sally Crown
In June 2008, the National Lottery Commission hosted a conference to discuss the social, cultural and industry perspectives relating to women and their approach to gambling. Over 80 people attended from varying sectors such as as research, regulation, licensing, business, policy and treatment.

Delegates considered the biggest factors affecting the way women gamble and decided that the social element was considered important, together with the fact that women have more disposable income now than they did 20 years ago.

The fact that gambling is now so much more accessible to women was also highlighted. A woman can buy a Lottery ticket with the weekly shopping or play on line on any number of sites designed to attract women. It was these changes in online play that attracted most comment.

Women like the internet because they can gamble anonymously and in private. The any perceived stigma of being seen to gamble is therefore removed. The suggestion was also put forward that women may feel more able to compete on an equal basis with men in the online environment.

The conference hosted a research-based panel discussion chaired by BBC Radio Four’s Woman’s Hour presenter Jenni Murray OBE. Dr Emma Casey, a member of the panel, discussed her study of working class women and the National Lottery. The women she studied she claimed, carefully budgeted their expenditure and many did not class the Lottery as gambling. Women chat with their friends about winning the jackpot and a significant proportion of Dr Casey’s sample played as part of a syndicate, some saving their winnings for a night out as a group.

Professor Mark Griffiths spoke about how gambling had come into the home and work place via internet, mobile and interactive TV gambling and how this had had a massive effect on women who feel comfortable in these environments. He predicted that interactive TV gambling would be the biggest area of growth in 10 years’ time.

Phillida Bunkle spoke of her experience in New Zealand and reminded delegates that women like gambling activities where they perceive their chance of winning to be equal to anyone else.

Dr Carolyn Downs4, an expert on bingo play, pointed out that the move to online bingo has allowed women to play at times convenient to them and that the Internet provides a greater variety of games.

What causes problems with gambling, was also discussed by the panel and the views expressed were wide-ranging. Dr Casey pointed out that it was important to look at how women, who weren’t addicted, gamble because for most women gambling was a rational, planned form of consumption. In understanding what turns a gambler into a problem gambler Professor Griffiths wondered if in 20 years’ time the situation with problem gambling would be on the scale where female alcoholism is now, and if this is an inevitable consequence of equality between the sexes. Phillida Bunkle argued that the focus should be on individual vulnerability; if we grow a market she said, then we will be sure to grow a problem.

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