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You can help your child stop porn addiction on the Internet

By: Clint Jhonson
The World Wide Web has become a very generous information portal. Everything that you need can be found here from the silliest to the most serious research. You also have plenty of materials that you can use. You have e-books, videos, photos, and audio files. Simply put, the Internet can be a helpful resource—to a certain extent. When it introduces problems such as porn addiction, it becomes detrimental, more so when it affects your kids. You need to start the process of breaking porn addiction immediately. The good news is that there are a number of great ways on how to stop porn addiction.

1. Develop a completely new interest for your kid. One way of breaking porn addiction is to limit his exposure to sources of pornographic materials such as televisions and PCs. You can encourage him to participate in outdoor activities, such as sports, music, arts, or hobbies. You can perhaps bring him to a museum or watch ball games together. It may take a while before he will get used to the new activities—and he can even be resentful—but if you really want to stop porn addiction, you need to be very patient and persevering.

2. Get to know his friends. He may be a good boy inside your home, but you really don’t know how he acts when he’s with his friends. You can also stop porn addiction by getting to know the other children he usually spends time with. If they are into porn, there’s a good chance that they will or have already influenced your kid to it. Besides the kids, be friendly with their parents too. You can ask them about their children and how they are in their respective homes. When it comes to breaking porn addiction, prevention will always be better than cure.

3. Keep tabs on computer use. Of course, if you need to stop porn addiction on the Internet, you need to tackle the source: the computer. You may want to download parental controls, which will limit the time of use and the websites that can be checked out by your kids. If he has his own computer, you can set up remote networking, where you can view the web pages he’s visiting, as if he were using your own PC. There are also Internet filters. If you can, you can sit beside them as they visit web pages.

4. Talk but never confront. There’s a difference between being confrontational and being more open to communication. Usually, the former is a one-way street. Moreover, it will only prevent you from further breaking porn addiction, since the child will be more afraid to talk about it to you. If you believe that you don’t have enough capacity to talk about porn addiction to them, you can ask help from a professional like a sex therapist or a counselor.

Parents will always be responsible to the actions of their children. Never be afraid to go to great lengths just to stop porn addiction in your household.

You need to stop porn addiction in your household, especially if it affects your children. There are plenty of ways on how to start breaking porn addiction. You can get a lot of tips in resources such as e-books, articles and journals of professionals.
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