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free bingo

By: ssdigitrix
Free bingo for all those who want to learn to play bingo or want to play for fun instead of for money. For all of you who do not know what bingo is a card game, it is a very popular number game, based on luck or chance, numbers are randomly printed on a card and they appear in a grid of 5 x 5. The numbers are printed electronically through an automated machine. The numbers are randomly pulled off from a box by a person who is known as the caller. And the persons playing are to strike off the numbers as they are called, the winner of the game will be the person who cancels off a single row of numbers or the entire grid. When a person get a line or grid, he shouts bingo to declare he won. That's why this game is called bingo
There are two parties involved. One is the players, the ones participating in the game and who stand a chance of winning the game. They buy bingo cards and cross out the numbers. And the second party is the caller, he distributes the cards and calls on the numbers, the caller does not stand a chance to win, and does not participate in the game, but he is like the banker, who has all the numbers shuffled and he picks up random numbers and calls them out loudly.
The place where a game of bingo is organized or played is called a bingo hall, it is generally a large or medium sized open room with plenty of seating arrangement. The term bingo hall is a location where bingo is played. The advantage of playing bingo is that, it can be played by anybody of any age group or community. This game does not require any particular skills or strategy, the numbers are called and you cancel them off, and since the numbers called off are of random variables, it is anybody's win.
Playing games online is a new discovery and it is a way to promote the old game, so as to make it more popular. The interesting part of playing it online is that you do not have to travel to get to a bingo hall, and you do not even have to get dressed, you can play at home in comfortable home clothes, and you do not have to worry about reaching on time, you can play it anytime you want. Since bingo is normally played for money rather than for fun, online multiplayer gamming has this feature for us to use. We can now play and win bingo games and earn $$$ and even withdraw it immediately after we win a game, and we can collect them to shop online too. How simple life has gotten, no need to travel, or dress up, putting on make up, no need to bother about socializing, just play the game whenever you want. Without bothering about any of the formalities. How interesting

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