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By: Amy Activ
Coventry has had a very tough year in 2009 on the economic front with some heavy job losses The city has been through tough times before in its history and risen from the ashes both literally and metaphorically(read entire article)
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Keywords : Coventry ,Economy ,TwentyTen ,Coventry ,still ,world
Category : Shopping
By: Amy Activ
Birmingham, like the majority of towns and cities in the UK, has seen major industrial changes during the last threefour decades, with numerous companies, both large and small, opening and closing their gates for the last time It has also suffered consid(read entire article)
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Keywords : Birmingham ,Business ,Industry ,advertising ,Birmingham ,internet ,majority ,businesses ,business ,employment ,decline ,area
Category : Vacation Ideas
By: Amy Activ
Surviving the Downturn - advice for the small business Whether the recession is coming to the end or extending into 2010, it can feel hard for a small business(read entire article)
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Keywords : Surviving ,Downturn ,Advice ,Small ,Business ,business ,Fareham ,small ,such ,local ,technology
Category : Strategies
By: Amy Activ
Brentwood High Street Business Summer 2009 Brentwood High is undergoing a major refurbishment which will look amazing when it is finished Most of Brentwood agrees that it is needed for the economy and will be an advantage for the town(read entire article)
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Keywords : Impact ,Economy ,Brentwood ,Brentwood ,businesses ,Street ,local ,major
Category : Internet
By: Amy Activ
The UK has been hit over the recent months by the deepest and darkest recession since 1991 - this economic downturn was first thought to be only a 'credit crunch' however, it has quickly turned into something much more Since 1991 the UK has enjoyed a sus(read entire article)
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Keywords : Recession ,Luton ,Luton ,local ,recession ,business ,affected ,money ,website ,people ,information
Category : Internet
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