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Articles By Andrew Plimmer

By: Andrew Plimmer
Wondering how to use social media to promote your business? Find out how to leverage Twitter and Facebook to get your business known by the internet community.(read entire article)
View : 186 Times   Article Number : 24754
Keywords : Using ,Twitter ,Facebook ,Twitter ,business ,page ,Facebook ,social ,marketing ,websites
Category : Strategies
By: Andrew Plimmer
Got a newly optimised website just waiting for visitors? How do you get it ranked by the search engines? If you've never heard of off-site SEO, these tips should give you some ideas.(read entire article)
View : 144 Times   Article Number : 24504
Keywords : Offsite ,SEO ,website ,article ,off-site ,link ,engine ,backlinks ,engines ,directories
Category : SEO Services
By: Andrew Plimmer
With the current global financial crisis still affecting many companies, marketing budgets can often be decreased. When deciding between traditional and internet marketing, this article argues for the power of internet marketing.(read entire article)
View : 296 Times   Article Number : 20530
Keywords : Online ,Marketing ,Better ,Traditional ,Advertising ,marketing ,advertising ,online ,internet ,strategy ,services ,business ,businesses ,website
Category : Internet
By: Andrew Plimmer
Organic SEO or PPC advertising? Which is the best way to go if you're launching your Internet Marketing campaign? These top tips might help you decide.(read entire article)
View : 242 Times   Article Number : 19910
Keywords : Organic ,SEO ,PPC ,advertising ,advertising ,techniques ,online ,optimisation ,engine ,business ,marketing
Category : Professional Advice
By: Andrew Plimmer
To get a ROI on your new website, you need to tell everybody it's there first! Internet Marketing aims to attract visitors to your website and then turn them into customers.(read entire article)
View : 850 Times   Article Number : 13411
Keywords : Getting ,ROI ,new ,website ,Internet ,Marketing ,research ,website ,people ,keyword ,course ,type ,results ,simply ,doesn ,terms
Category : SEO Services
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