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By: AnnA Rushton
Have you heard of K.I.S.S? It is much used in business and particularly in training, and it stands for Keep It Simple Stupid. Now I agree with keeping it simple in principle, but calling me stupid is not going to help tackle procrastination.(read entire article)
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Keywords : Procrastination ,Goodbye ,keep ,action ,procrastination ,thinking ,done ,move ,Keep ,small ,first
Category : Personal Developement
By: AnnA Rushton
When you are stressed, the well known 'fight or flight' mechanism automatically comes into play. It doesn't matter if the stress is real - a potential mugging - or just perceived - such as the fear of losing your job or your relationship. The response is (read entire article)
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Keywords : Chemical ,Links ,Stress ,danger ,nerves ,system ,stress ,blood ,glands
Category : Self Improvement
By: AnnA Rushton
Answering just a few simple questions can tell you how stressed you are - and what causes it. Of course, everyone is subject to stress at some time or other, and there are some events that are common throughout our lives. Potential sources of stress inclu(read entire article)
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Keywords : Stress ,Levels ,Key ,Questions ,stress ,feel ,people ,questions ,take ,simple ,start
Category : Self Improvement
By: AnnA Rushton
Everyone's response to stress is different and one of the factors that can affect how you deal with stress may well be genetic. How well in general do people in your family deal with the every stresses of life? Are you a happy go lucky crowd who deal with(read entire article)
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Keywords : Stress ,genetics ,stress ,messengers ,deal ,people ,average
Category : Self Improvement
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