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By: Arjanyai
Meeting the Buddha is like finding a pure gem, but being unable to receive the taste of the good Dhamma which gives rise to profit and gain is like intending to keep the gem for use in the next life This is the type of demerit which is due to the conventi(read entire article)
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Keywords : Explanation ,Seventh ,Stage ,Four ,Dhamma ,iron ,conceal ,conventions ,world ,becoming ,things ,practises ,demerit
Category : Shopping
By: Arjanyai
The following are the sayings of some of the wisest of men, which are put down in order that one may clearly see the way to go: 1 One who is watchful of all his actions of body, speech and mind, is clearly aware of those actions which are of benefit both (read entire article)
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Keywords : Short ,Aphorisms ,Dhamma ,indulge ,people
Category : Internet
By: Arjanyai
25 If a person seen the image in the distance but recognises it as an image which is due to the water(read entire article)
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Keywords : Short ,Aphorisms ,Four ,Dhamma ,cannot ,world ,existence ,remain ,find ,loss ,accordance ,non-existence
Category : Internet
By: Arjanyai
16 Liberation [Moksha] is understood to be the attainment of the unchanaing, in which there is no Self [Atta and Atman] and no Aggregates(read entire article)
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Keywords : Short ,Aphorisms ,Three ,view ,image ,water ,Nibbana ,leads ,exist ,things
Category : Internet
By: Arjanyai
The Characteristic-of-Impermanence then becomes apparent In other words, when the Citta has become steady or fixed, it will see the Citta which is unsteady (or impermanent)(read entire article)
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Keywords : Explanation ,Sixth ,Stage ,Three ,parts ,suffering ,look ,hair ,arises ,element ,words ,s-self
Category : Internet
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