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Articles By Art Penz

By: Art Penz
Turnkey business is back to the Internet Marketing scene. The newest kid on the block is Brett Ingram's My Business Traffic, offering a total turnkey business solution. It is the same system that he has been using to garner 35000 of subscribers not to men(read entire article)
View : 208 Times   Article Number : 26524
Keywords : Latest ,Product ,Brett ,Ingram ,Traffic ,products ,Business ,Internet ,business ,latest
Category : Internet
By: Art Penz
If you already have bad credit, the last thing you want to do is make it even worse. However, if you have not learned your financial lesson, you might just do that if you obtain a credit card aimed at consumers with bad credit.(read entire article)
View : 176 Times   Article Number : 25601
Keywords : Hurt ,Credit ,Further ,credit ,card ,make ,things ,balance ,sure ,want
Category : Credit Repair
By: Art Penz
Whether you have bad credit or not, getting a credit card is still quite possible. A consumer with bad credit can apply for a secured card and usually be approved.(read entire article)
View : 229 Times   Article Number : 25589
Keywords : Getting ,Credit ,Card ,credit ,card ,collateral ,cards ,available ,institutions ,approved
Category : Credit Cards
By: Art Penz
Bad credit happens when consumers are not able to pay off their loans on time or when they default on their credit card payments, utility bills etc. No one deliberately sets out to have a bad credit rating but some circumstances in life make it unavoidabl(read entire article)
View : 179 Times   Article Number : 25461
Keywords : Reasons ,Credit ,Cards ,credit ,cards ,rating ,card ,user
Category : Credit Repair
By: Art Penz
Dogs don't ask for much, do they? - Food, water, some love, and comfortable place to rest. Any dog will be happy with that. Well, you can fulfill two of those Christmas wishes for your dog by buying Mammoth Pet Beds.(read entire article)
View : 215 Times   Article Number : 24691
Keywords : Thinking ,How ,Treat ,Dog ,Christmas ,Mammoth ,Beds ,offer
Category : Pets
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