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By: Artur Victoria
Summarizing power relativity imposes social dynamics, explained by the concepts of relativity and comprehensiveness of power Social mobility encourages internal and external procedures to continuously review and evaluate information, taking as long as the(read entire article)
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Keywords : Summarizing ,state ,international ,political ,national ,interests ,security
Category : Education
By: Artur Victoria
Foreign policy is clearly defined their goals and permanent is the synthesis of the exercise of power of the state in the field of international relations This applies to all nations and is, as noted in the previous chapter, the guidance of national inter(read entire article)
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Keywords : Policies ,Interventionism ,policy ,foreign ,international ,important ,political ,countries ,national ,State ,social
Category : News-Or-Events
By: Artur Victoria
The respect that American democracy gives to its constitution and generally the rule of law that emanates from it forms the backbone of his power and authority in the internal The powers are legally and legitimately founded by the sovereign will of the Am(read entire article)
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Keywords : Different ,Conceptions ,American ,democracy
Category : News-Or-Events
By: Artur Victoria
No matter how strictly written the mandates or how clearly the hierarchy, at some point commitments prescribed will come into conflict High officials regularly feel cross-cutting tensions amid the requirements of protecting an institution, building suppor(read entire article)
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Keywords : Personal ,Integrity ,Career ,Rule ,commitments ,integrity ,values ,roles ,people ,central ,office ,personal ,individuals
Category : Personal Developement
By: Artur Victoria
This concept runs through the current debate on international relations, the role of government and not-state actors and the scope of the rights of individuals, both at inside-state and internationally That is why there are different definitions of Safety(read entire article)
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Keywords : Multidimensional ,Security ,security ,state ,human ,global ,crisis ,development ,risks ,world ,different
Category : News-Or-Events
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