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Articles By EM Downing Johnson

By: EM Downing Johnson
You're planning your wedding Everybody has advice - from your parents to your future in-laws to the guy at the grocery store(read entire article)
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Keywords : It's ,Wedding ,Why ,Force ,Wars ,Star ,wedding ,theme ,Force ,love ,think
Category : For Women
By: EM Downing Johnson
In the annuals of drunken college days, inebriated spring break debacles, and crazy party nights, one word is present in the craziest, most debauched tales One word that strikes fear in the hearts of all who have gotten too close to it(read entire article)
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Keywords : Everclear ,Grain ,Alcohol ,Everclear ,alcohol ,proof ,word
Category : News-Or-Events
By: EM Downing Johnson
Once upon a time, in the County of York (Pennsylvania, that is), a wizard built a magical house that was meant to influence people to do what he wanted them to No, seriously, it's a true story(read entire article)
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Keywords : History ,Haines ,Shoe ,House ,Haines ,house ,wanted ,shoe ,advertising ,people ,built
Category : Real Estate
By: EM Downing Johnson
OCD, or Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, is a mental disease that manifests itself in people by making them have thoughts that they can't shake that cause them to engage in repetitive actions That's a very simplified explanation of the disorder, which can h(read entire article)
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Keywords : According ,Media ,Celebrities ,OCD ,disorder ,person ,people
Category : Alternative
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