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Articles By Fabienne Fredrickson

By: Fabienne Fredrickson
When you want to bring in some fast cash or if things have slowed down, you may feel tempted to attract clients by lowering your rates. This is an extremely common reaction and I understand why you might think it's a quick fix. However, this is a strategy(read entire article)
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Tags : Three ,Crucial ,Reasons ,Why ,Lower ,Rates ,clients ,rates ,want ,offer ,services ,attract ,think ,value
Category : Marketing
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Date : 2017-01-27
By: Fabienne Fredrickson
Do you have a great idea for a series of strategies that are high-value to your clients, but aren't sure how to deliver them? Creating short audio files can really grab your ideal clients' attention. Creating short audio files can really grab your ideal c(read entire article)
View : 22 Times   Article Number : 213446
Tags : How ,Deliver ,High-Value ,Audio ,Clips ,Attract ,Clients ,audio ,clients ,series ,strategies ,email ,prospects ,page
Category : Marketing
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Date : 2017-01-12
By: Fabienne Fredrickson
Have you been thinking about raising your rates? That can be both exciting and nerve wracking for business owners. On one hand, you'll produce more income from the same amount of work. On the other hand you may be concerned by the risk of losing clients d(read entire article)
View : 39 Times   Article Number : 213383
Tags : Five ,Steps ,Raise ,Rates ,AND ,Get ,New ,Clients ,prospects ,work ,rates ,increase ,clients ,current ,people
Category : Marketing
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Date : 2016-12-07
By: Fabienne Fredrickson
Getting more traffic to your website is always on a business owner's mind. Higher volume traffic helps with list building and improves your chances for finding new clients and filling your pipeline. But once you start to get a steady stream of visitors, w(read entire article)
View : 18 Times   Article Number : 213355
Tags : Page ,Squeeze ,Works ,Better ,Build ,List ,page ,squeeze ,list ,visitors ,building ,want ,people ,best ,reason
Category : Marketing
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Date : 2016-11-16
By: Fabienne Fredrickson
Sometimes business owners ask me what is the best incentive to get referrals from their clients. There are several ways you could incentivize your client base to encourage them to share referrals and find new clients. However, I'm not sure that is necessa(read entire article)
View : 76 Times   Article Number : 213245
Tags : Best ,Way ,Get ,Client ,Referrals ,clients ,referrals ,feel ,find ,want ,give
Category : Marketing
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Date : 2016-08-26
By: Fabienne Fredrickson
When building your pipeline, there will be times you do all the right things like speak to groups, network and build your list. Yet, prospects are not saying yes and becoming clients. That means you probably have more time than money coming in.(read entire article)
View : 57 Times   Article Number : 213220
Tags : How ,Get ,Clients ,Money ,clients ,work ,prospects ,confidence
Category : Marketing
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Date : 2016-08-06
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