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Here are the 52 articles submitted by Fabienne Fredrickson
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Articles By Fabienne Fredrickson

By: Fabienne Fredrickson
As business owners working to get new clients, we've all heard it. You're in the closing part of the conversation and your client says those fateful words, I can't afford it. For some owners, this is the worst case scenario because you feel stuck when you(read entire article)
View : 85 Times   Article Number : 213838
Tags : Four ,Ways ,Handle ,Client ,Says ,Can't ,Afford ,money ,client ,person ,want ,clients
Category : Marketing
SEO Score: 31
Date : 2017-10-14
By: Fabienne Fredrickson
If your practice is filling up and you are looking for ways to serve more people, consider developing a boot camp program. I did this several years ago when my practice was full, and I had a waiting list. There were also others who couldn't afford to part(read entire article)
View : 43 Times   Article Number : 213610
Tags : Four ,Keys ,Creating ,Evergreen ,Boot ,Camp ,program ,clients ,content ,practice ,attract ,people
Category : Marketing
SEO Score: 33
Date : 2017-04-23
By: Fabienne Fredrickson
When you are starting a new business, the first couple of years involve a lot of hard work to attract clients. That's no secret. But sometimes business owners come to me about how hard they are working and that nothing is happening yet.(read entire article)
View : 26 Times   Article Number : 213583
Tags : Takes ,Expect ,Marketing ,New ,Business ,business ,clients ,marketing ,money ,seeds ,attract
Category : Marketing
SEO Score: 35
Date : 2017-04-02
By: Fabienne Fredrickson
When you want to bring in some fast cash or if things have slowed down, you may feel tempted to attract clients by lowering your rates. This is an extremely common reaction and I understand why you might think it's a quick fix. However, this is a strategy(read entire article)
View : 100 Times   Article Number : 213483
Tags : Three ,Crucial ,Reasons ,Why ,Lower ,Rates ,clients ,rates ,want ,offer ,services ,attract ,think ,value
Category : Marketing
SEO Score: 47
Date : 2017-01-27
By: Fabienne Fredrickson
Do you have a great idea for a series of strategies that are high-value to your clients, but aren't sure how to deliver them? Creating short audio files can really grab your ideal clients' attention. Creating short audio files can really grab your ideal c(read entire article)
View : 56 Times   Article Number : 213446
Tags : How ,Deliver ,High-Value ,Audio ,Clips ,Attract ,Clients ,audio ,clients ,series ,strategies ,email ,prospects ,page
Category : Marketing
SEO Score: 50
Date : 2017-01-12
By: Fabienne Fredrickson
Have you been thinking about raising your rates? That can be both exciting and nerve wracking for business owners. On one hand, you'll produce more income from the same amount of work. On the other hand you may be concerned by the risk of losing clients d(read entire article)
View : 76 Times   Article Number : 213383
Tags : Five ,Steps ,Raise ,Rates ,AND ,Get ,New ,Clients ,prospects ,work ,rates ,increase ,clients ,current ,people
Category : Marketing
SEO Score: 45
Date : 2016-12-07

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