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By: Gail Lynn
The majority of Americans are overweight, and that is a scary thing because with the excess weight comes a slew of life-threatening diseases that can be avoided by proper diet and exercise. Obesity is the major cause for diabetes mellitus type 2, a ...(read entire article)
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Keywords : blood , levels , type , glucose , diabetes
Category : Diabetes
By: Gail Lynn
Diabetes is a chronic health condition that affects millions of people. While some diabetics require insulin, oral medications or surgery to manage their illness, others use alternative diabetes treatment therapies. Dietary supplements are a common ...(read entire article)
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Keywords : diabetes , alternative , sugar , blood , treatment , supplements , chromium , diabetics , insulin
Category : Alternative
By: Gail Lynn
Routine early intervention programs for children with autism consist of a variety of research-validated therapies designed to improve developmental problems and minimize unacceptable behavior patterns that affect learning in a schoolroom ...(read entire article)
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Keywords : autism , medical , autistic , problems , issues , child , children , therapies , intervention
Category : Autism
By: Gail Lynn
Autism is a diagnosis that parents fear. It is believed to affect 1 out of every 110 children in the United States. This is a number that seems to be growing. With no cure, parents often turn to an alternative autism treatment in the hopes that ...(read entire article)
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Keywords : therapy , child , autism , children , alternative , cure , autistic , medication , behavioral
Category : Autism
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