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Articles By J. Martin

By: J. Martin
If you are a fitness freak, chances are high that you might be aware of the acai berry Ever since the product was introduced into the common market, the demand for the berry is ever increasing(read entire article)
View : 443 Times   Article Number : 17966
Keywords : Acai ,Berry ,Dietary ,Supplement ,Viable ,berry ,acai ,present ,food ,energy ,release ,product ,supplements ,toxins
Category : Nutrition
By: J. Martin
The colon happened to be one of the most ignored parts of the human body - until now With the advancements in the medical niche, it was revealed that the digestion process is continued even on the colons(read entire article)
View : 175 Times   Article Number : 17965
Keywords : Advantages ,Colon ,Cleansing ,Illustrated ,colon ,materials ,bacteria ,cleansing ,agents
Category : Self Improvement
By: J. Martin
The hairs that are present on the surface of the body are there for a reason However, the current generation seems to forget that fact and always invest on hair removal creams(read entire article)
View : 229 Times   Article Number : 17964
Keywords : Hair ,Removal ,Creams ,Work ,creams ,hair ,removal ,cream ,present ,hairs
Category : Hair
By: J. Martin
If you are into the keeping yourself fit paradigm, then it is imperative that you might have heard about the latest drug in the block - Resveratrol The compound is an alkaloid that is known to poss manifold characteristics, those will be beneficial to t(read entire article)
View : 200 Times   Article Number : 17963
Keywords : Resveratrol ,New ,Miracle ,Drug ,Resveratrol ,wine ,same ,levels ,blood ,product ,known ,cells
Category : Nutrition
By: J. Martin
Men and women equally are shy to discuss the matter publicly Stretch marks can occur to anyone regardless of their age(read entire article)
View : 191 Times   Article Number : 17768
Keywords : Aspects ,Stretch ,Marks ,marks ,skin ,stretch ,surface ,treatment ,women ,condition
Category : Women Issues
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