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Articles By Jamie Simpson

By: Jamie Simpson
How to Update Your Wardrobe from Winter to Summer Vintage Fashion(read entire article)
View : 625 Times   Article Number : 134699
Keywords : How ,Update ,Wardrobe ,Winter ,Summer ,Vintage ,Fashion ,vintage ,clothing ,prints ,fashion ,colours ,summer ,However
Category : For Women
By: Jamie Simpson
Comfort and practicality both rank high as reasons for multiple shoe ownership, as do more material concerns such as weather conditions, the type of event or occasion, and the colour and style of the outfit with which the shoes are to be worn, and that's(read entire article)
View : 237 Times   Article Number : 133396
Keywords : Women ,Shoes ,Why ,Two ,Three ,Pairs ,Enough ,shoes ,pair ,look ,woman ,occasion
Category : For Women
By: Jamie Simpson
More than ever, high heels are on trend for spring and summer 2012. In some cases, the larger the better. Unlike the staid, business-like heels of the eighties, however, today's heels are increasingly chic and original.(read entire article)
View : 228 Times   Article Number : 133324
Keywords : Women's ,Shoe ,Fashion ,Hot ,women ,heels ,fashion ,boots ,worn ,colours ,look ,summer ,shoes
Category : For Women
By: Jamie Simpson
A key element of men's fashion has always been t-shirts forming the focal point of most looks, it is essential to get the right t-shirt for the occasion.(read entire article)
View : 385 Times   Article Number : 133193
Keywords : T-shirt ,Fashion ,Men ,t-shirts ,t-shirt ,fashion ,summer ,colours
Category : Shopping
By: Jamie Simpson
Men's summer fashion for 2012 will see return of many of the styles from the nineties, including brightly coloured sneakers, short shorts and loud patterns and prints.(read entire article)
View : 531 Times   Article Number : 133167
Keywords : Summer ,Trends ,Men's ,Fashion ,shorts ,summer ,patterns ,fashion ,t-shirt ,t-shirts ,back ,look ,nineties
Category : For Men
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