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By: John Bradstreet
OVERVIEW There is a group of vitamins that are responsible for converting the carbohydrates that we consume in our diet to glucose which is used by our bodies for energy; These are called B complex vitamins They are also important in metabolizing fats and(read entire article)
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Keywords : Benefits ,Biotin ,Offer ,Biotin ,hair ,biotin ,acids ,blood ,sugar ,vitamins ,deficiency ,fats
Category : Nutrition
By: John Bradstreet
If you have been diagnosed with high blood pressure it is important that you work with your doctor. He or she may want you to take medication to control it. If left untreated it can cause complications such as heart attack, stroke and damage to you organs(read entire article)
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Keywords : Controlling ,Blood ,Pressure ,pressure ,blood ,systolic ,diastolic ,diet ,important ,people ,shown ,Heart
Category : Alternative
By: John Bradstreet
If you or anyone you know is having symptoms of diabetes it is important to seek medical attention right away This is true even if the person is not known to be diabetic(read entire article)
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Keywords : Signs ,Person ,Diabetes ,Needs ,Medical ,person ,sign ,sugar ,symptoms ,blood ,levels ,emergency ,diabetes ,doctor
Category : Diabetes
By: John Bradstreet
There are many types of alternative medicine available to people today The most popular by far is the use of vitamins and supplements(read entire article)
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Keywords : Why ,Vitamin ,Supplement ,Increasing ,supplements ,vitamins ,dietary ,increase ,growing ,number
Category : Nutrition
By: John Bradstreet
While over 65 million people in this country have high blood pressure, commonly referred to as hypertension, almost one third are unaware of it. That is due to the fact that many times it has no symptoms. Therefore it is not surprising that it has been du(read entire article)
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Keywords : Blood ,Pressure ,pressure ,blood ,reading ,hypertension ,people ,medical ,doctor ,problems ,systolic
Category : Fitness Information
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