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By: Lawrence J. Reaves
IP crime has been around as long as the internet because the IP, or Internet Protocol, is the tool by which the internet is allowed to work We should also distinguish IP crime - Internet protocol crime is where criminal misuse of Internet Protocol is used(read entire article)
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Keywords : Understanding ,IP ,Crime ,address ,criminal ,machine ,information ,crime ,security ,internet ,target ,simply
Category : Ecommerce
By: Lawrence J. Reaves
IT budgets are tight, in fact SMB's are only reporting a 56% increase in budgets (before inflation) for the next 4 years (2009 to 2013)(read entire article)
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Keywords : Relationship ,Solution ,Provider ,solutions ,operating ,staff ,manage ,business
Category : Software
By: Lawrence J. Reaves
When formulating a data protection strategy, companies should build their strategy around the business case and not the latest in hi-tech buzzwords and pseudo-philosophies The best way to currently achieve this is formulate a data protection strategy usin(read entire article)
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Keywords : Planning ,Data ,Protection ,Strategy ,Business ,Case ,data ,business ,protection ,loss ,strategy ,critical ,processes ,storage ,assets
Category : Software
By: Lawrence J. Reaves
Palladium, like many other precious metals, has been enjoying excellent growth in value since the financial crisis as savvy professional investors moved out of stocks and bonds, which were taking a swan dive, and into assets such as gold, silver, platinum(read entire article)
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Keywords : Palladium ,Market ,Movement ,Begs ,Sell ,palladium ,metals ,market ,gold ,performance ,silver ,platinum ,going ,price
Category : For Women
By: Lawrence J. Reaves
With gold breaking the $1,000 barrier, silver riding at a ten-year high and precious metals up across the board, the question has to be asked - is it now time to sell platinum Between 1992 and 1999, platinum languished around the $400 per ounce mark but w(read entire article)
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Keywords : Platinum ,Come ,Sell ,platinum ,going ,recovery ,looking ,economy ,price
Category : For Women
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