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By: Lee Lister
Tender writing is just one phase of winning a bid for a project. In order to generate revenue through contracts, project managers must know how to effectively write tenders to win bids. Tenders are usually written after a company submits a request ...(read entire article)
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Keywords : Writing ,Increased ,Profitability ,company ,process ,project ,requesting ,writing ,request ,provide ,services ,companies
Category : General
By: Lee Lister
Tender writing is the first stage of the bidding process. When a request for proposal (RFP) is submitted, contractors and companies providing services must respond by writing a tender. Tender writing requires expertise to ensure the requesting ...(read entire article)
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Keywords : Process ,Writing ,writing ,company ,project ,write ,managers ,construction ,process
Category : Business
By: Lee Lister
How important is it to have a bid management book? Well, if tracking market data is important to your company, then it's a fair assumption that tracking your success on bids is an essential part of growing market share. Whether that means tracking ...(read entire article)
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Keywords : Capturing ,Market ,Data ,Bid ,Management ,Book ,market ,customers ,price ,company ,sales ,tracking ,competitive ,track ,lowest
Category : Marketing
By: Lee Lister
Writing a tender can be an easy process with experience and proper training. Vendors often write proposals, called tenders, in response to request for proposals (RFPs). The request for proposals describes the scope of the project, the location and ...(read entire article)
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Keywords : Writing ,Improve ,Revenue ,Streams ,building ,vendor ,tenders ,writing ,company ,vendors ,project ,best ,materials
Category : Professional Advice
By: Lee Lister
Across the country, many people will attempt to start their own businesses. Some of these will be brick and mortar companies while others will be e-businesses. These aspiring business owners often need guidance on what steps it will take to start a ...(read entire article)
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Keywords : How ,Start ,Writing ,Book ,Starting ,Business ,business ,book ,include ,starting ,want ,businesses ,start
Category : Business
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