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Articles By Louis Jeffries

By: Louis Jeffries
Cleanse your Body Totally. A 3 day fruit and vegetable total body juice detox is the answer for you.(read entire article)
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Keywords : Fresh ,Fruit ,Vegetable ,Total ,Body ,Juice ,Cleanse ,foods ,fruit ,vegetables ,juice ,toxic ,fresh ,cleanse
Category : Weight
By: Louis Jeffries
The Holy Bible, teaches us how to be healthy, live a healthy lifestyle and avoid disease. Therefore, diseases such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, obesity, HIV aids, and so on are caused by disobedience.(read entire article)
View : 173 Times   Article Number : 23152
Keywords : Gods ,Word ,Teaches ,Seven ,Steps ,Healthy ,Lifestyle ,Avoiding ,Diseases ,life ,Lord ,healthy ,Step ,disease ,listen ,commandments ,things ,says
Category : Weight
By: Louis Jeffries
As a real estate investor there may come a time that it is to your advantage to get a Hard Money Loan (HML, bridge loan, private financing or equity based loan) for a transaction that you can not get financing from a conventional lending. As a matter of f(read entire article)
View : 299 Times   Article Number : 23134
Keywords : Hard ,Money ,Lender ,Credit ,Qualifications ,lender ,money ,conventional ,make ,financing ,loan ,property ,borrower ,bridge
Category : Business Loans
By: Louis Jeffries
Learn How to lower your high blood pressure without medicine. One of the most effective ways to lower your high blood pressure is through your diet.(read entire article)
View : 194 Times   Article Number : 22146
Keywords : Lower ,Blood ,Pressure ,Diet ,sodium ,foods ,pressure ,blood ,salt ,lower ,Pressure ,Blood
Category : Weight
By: Louis Jeffries
There are multifamily commercial mortgage products that can help people with significantly impaired credit, these have higher commercial loan rates. For borrowers with great credit and assets that deserve the best rates, funding is also available .(read entire article)
View : 170 Times   Article Number : 20288
Keywords : Get ,Multifamily ,Commercial ,Loan ,property ,commercial ,financing ,income ,rates ,determining ,mortgage ,qualify ,Property
Category : Mortgage Choices
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