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Articles By Maxim Smirnov

By: Maxim Smirnov
There was once a time when people used to get pictures developed and then cut them up to turn them into scrapbooks But in today's times of digital cameras and camera phones, it seems that more photos are now available(read entire article)
View : 182 Times   Article Number : 22404
Keywords : Scrapbooking ,Requires ,Photo ,Matching ,Software ,photos ,photo ,find ,scrapbooking ,software ,matching ,pictures ,digital
Category : Hobbies-Or-Crafts
By: Maxim Smirnov
One of the easiest and cheapest ways to get a present for someone else is to make them a mix of some favorite songs These songs might be your favorites or they might be songs which you want the other person to hear which they may not have heard before(read entire article)
View : 153 Times   Article Number : 22403
Keywords : Find ,Duplicate ,MpThree ,Files ,Mixes ,files ,duplicate ,want ,music ,problem ,find ,songs
Category : Computers-Or-Systems
By: Maxim Smirnov
You're trying to create a fun project or a poster for a friend, but you need to find duplicate photos However, you don't have a lot of time to sort through all of the hundreds of digital files you have stored on your computer(read entire article)
View : 138 Times   Article Number : 22402
Keywords : How ,Find ,Duplicate ,Photos ,photos ,duplicate ,find ,want ,files ,create ,software ,photo ,file
Category : Photography
By: Maxim Smirnov
When you're teaching a class, you might not realize that all of your music instruction is adding up to problems for your students Some students are actually simply downloading music for hours at a time, not even thinking about what they are downloading an(read entire article)
View : 198 Times   Article Number : 22401
Keywords : Teaching ,Students ,Delete ,ITunes ,Duplicates ,duplicates ,iTunes ,students ,music ,delete ,songs ,student
Category : Music
By: Maxim Smirnov
Most people avoid the tax season, hoping to stall it for as long as possible until April 15th is unavoidable But with book tracking software, you can easily organize the books you own and the donations you've received, making tax time all the more managea(read entire article)
View : 218 Times   Article Number : 22400
Keywords : Tax ,Benefits ,Book ,Tracking ,Software ,book ,software ,tracking ,books ,inventory
Category : Taxes
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