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By: Michel Maling
If you want a parrot as a pet, then best you know just what to expect and if a parrot will be the right pet for you.(read entire article)
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Tags : Get ,Parrot ,Pet ,parrot ,bird ,family ,Parrots
Category : Pets
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Date : 2014-04-06
By: Michel Maling
In any profession there are those insiders or experts who really know all the ins and outs of how that profession works. No matter how many courses you take or kits you buy, that knowledge of what to expect when you are actually in the business is hard wo(read entire article)
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Tags : Insider ,Tips ,Day ,Gurus ,workers ,business ,facility ,children ,emergency
Category : Business
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Date : 2013-12-17
By: Michel Maling
It is hardly surprising to find that with survey's done last year, South African employees have major health risks. Although I am very sure the same problem exists world wide, and not only in South Africa. Loads of cases of high blood pressure, depression(read entire article)
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Tags : How ,Keep ,Staff ,Happy ,Healthy ,employees ,work ,colleagues
Category : Employer Resources
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Date : 2013-02-02
By: Michel Maling
Although we all know that the days of thoughtless and excessive spending are over, at least for the foreseeable future anyway, we still tend to do it and end up living on credit. We have to learn to curb that 'want it now impulse, even though spending doe(read entire article)
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Tags : Money ,Sense ,Making ,Dollars ,make ,sure ,debt ,spending
Category : Investments
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Date : 2012-12-23
By: Michel Maling
Struggling to keep your head above the water and working long hours into the night is no way to live your life, as balance in your life then becomes difficult as the scale just keeps tipping to the wrong side.(read entire article)
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Tags : Productivity ,Organization ,tasks ,energy ,feel ,first
Category : Personal Developement
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Date : 2012-05-22
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