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Articles By Nicholas Jervis

By: Nicholas Jervis
What Is A Lasting Power Of Attorney? Who can be granted a Lasting Power Of Attorney? Why would you require a Lasting Power Of Attorney? How do you apply for a Lasting Power Of Attorney? Who can be your certificate provider? Do I need a solicitor? We Answe(read entire article)
View : 104 Times   Article Number : 145601
Keywords : Lasting ,Attorney ,decisions ,Attorney ,Lasting ,individual ,make ,provider ,solicitor
Category : Elder Care
By: Nicholas Jervis
Probate Fraud Is A Rising Problem And There Are Few Simple Ways You Can Help Prevent This Happening To You And Your Family When You Are Gone.(read entire article)
View : 38 Times   Article Number : 145221
Keywords : Problems ,Probate ,fraud ,executor ,probate ,sure ,wills ,Shipman
Category : Finance
By: Nicholas Jervis
What Is A Residence Order And What Does It Entail?(read entire article)
View : 39 Times   Article Number : 143591
Keywords : Residence ,Orders ,child ,parent ,court ,necessary ,such ,residence ,-The
Category : Relationship Councilling
By: Nicholas Jervis
How Long Does It Take To Recover From Whiplash Injuries?(read entire article)
View : 42 Times   Article Number : 143466
Keywords : Whiplash ,Recovery ,whiplash ,symptoms ,recovery
Category : Lawyers and Legal
By: Nicholas Jervis
You May Not Know Whether You Or Your Landlord Are Responsible For A Maintenance Repairs Required For Your Property. Find Out About Housing And Landlord Law Today.(read entire article)
View : 86 Times   Article Number : 142218
Keywords : Housing ,Landlord ,Law ,landlord ,tenant ,repairs ,disrepair ,legal
Category : Lawyers and Legal
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