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By: Ozeme J Bonnette
Although death is not a subject that most of us like to talk about, we all know that it is an inevitable part of life. None of us will live forever. With that in mind, it is absolutely crucial to consider the well-being of the loved ones we leave behind(read entire article)
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Keywords : Employers ,Life ,Insurance ,Policy ,Enough ,insurance ,life ,income ,leave ,coverage ,families ,children ,Life ,family
Category : Personal Developement
By: Ozeme J Bonnette
Times are hard financially. Since the sub-prime market fell apart, there has been a domino effect that has trickled into the rest of the economy. One of the most troubling signs of abuse that I have seen lately is the way that credit card companies are pr(read entire article)
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Keywords : Credit ,Card ,Companies ,Pounce ,Vulnerable ,credit ,card ,customer ,companies ,rates ,lower ,company
Category : Credit Cards
By: Ozeme J Bonnette
It is important to look at how responsible we are with managing the finances we use when giving. There are times when we give to others (or to ourselves) to an extent that it puts us in extreme debt. It's one of the biggest concerns for the majority of Am(read entire article)
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Keywords : Understanding ,True ,Costs ,Debt ,debt ,money ,debts ,Debt ,paying ,first ,borrower
Category : Credit Repair
By: Ozeme J Bonnette
Although we live in this world, the Bible tells us in Romans 12:2 that we should not conform to the ways of the world. As Christians, we are held to different standards, higher standards.(read entire article)
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Keywords : Christians ,Held ,Different ,Standards ,world ,things ,wealth ,rich
Category : Internet
By: Ozeme J Bonnette
While we may have lots of material possessions right now, they are only temporary. We definitely can't take them with us when we leave this world. We should focus on allowing God to be in control of everything, including our money, so that He can work thr(read entire article)
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Keywords : Find ,New ,Way ,Look ,Money ,things ,Lord ,Joseph ,trials ,life
Category : Internet
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