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By: Pat Thompson
In the domestic relocation industry a growing trend being seen is the increase in involuntary renters. In the past, relatively few homeowners became renters. When they did, it was often a lifestyle choice, such as empty-nesters who sold their large suburb(read entire article)
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Keywords : Why ,Renters ,Opportunity ,Relocation ,Industry ,renters ,relocation ,transferees ,rental ,situation ,domestic
Category : Moving-Or-Courier
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By: Pat Thompson
Homeowners who are transitioning into renters are a new category of transferee, with greater and more specialized needs than classic renters, but fewer requirements than homeowners who are continuing as homeowners. This creates new challenges for employer(read entire article)
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Keywords : Providing ,Valuable ,Relocation ,Assistance ,Renters ,renters ,renter ,relocation ,transferees ,needs ,transferee ,domestic ,benefits
Category : General
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By: Pat Thompson
Mechanical devices generally are thought to be prone to physical breakdown. Although sump pumps are mechanical devices, their manufacturing and specification improvements over decades, have culminated in their durability and ruggedness. Although they can(read entire article)
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Keywords : Battery ,Back ,Sump ,Pump ,pump ,sump ,battery ,system ,failure ,main ,backup ,basement ,secondary
Category : Home Improvements
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