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Articles By Patricia Holland

By: Patricia Holland
Skateboard Racks were a natural development after skateboarding became popular not only in the United States but worldwide Skateboarding is a relatively modern recreational activity and some people also consider it to be an art form, a sport, or a method (read entire article)
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Keywords : Skateboard ,Racks ,inches ,rack ,skateboard ,mounted ,Skateboard ,Racks ,surface ,mini ,surfing
Category : Apparel-Or-Accessories
By: Patricia Holland
The Americans with Disabilities Act, or the ADA, is a federal civil rights law that has numerous implications for ADA Restroom Partitions This act was written with the goal of providing every person in the USA equal access to restroom services and facilit(read entire article)
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Keywords : ADA ,Restroom ,Partitions ,restroom ,space ,Partitions ,Restroom ,construction ,floor ,restrooms ,regulations ,requirements
Category : Industrial Supply
By: Patricia Holland
Box Bridge Lockers are lockers that resemble a rectangular arch and optimize the space needs of any given location They are very popular in areas where space is limited because the arch or bridge unit is also a set of lockers(read entire article)
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Keywords : Box ,Bridge ,Lockers ,lockers ,bridge ,unit ,inches ,locker ,Lockers ,Bridge ,locks
Category : Industrial Supply
By: Patricia Holland
Toilet Seat Cover Dispensers are an absolute must for facility managers planning new or renovated restrooms These managers are intensely focused on the importance of sanitary conditions in public restrooms and are seeking new methods and new equipment t(read entire article)
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Keywords : Toilet ,Seat ,Cover ,Dispenser ,toilet ,seat ,restrooms ,public ,Dispensers ,Toilet ,Seat ,Cover ,restroom
Category : Industrial Supply
By: Patricia Holland
Barbeque Grills are cooking devices designed to cook food by heating it from below Barbecue Grills have undergone a great deal of evolution and improvement over the past five hundred years but most use either gas or charcoal as a fuel(read entire article)
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Keywords : Barbeque ,Grills ,Grills ,heat ,grills ,grill ,charcoal ,food ,wood ,fuel ,Barbeque
Category : Lawn and Gardening
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