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Articles By Patricia Strasser

By: Patricia Strasser
Ways in creating a site and placing web shows on it include having a site host, hosting your videos on relevant sites, installing CMS, and embedding your videos to your site.(read entire article)
View : 92 Times   Article Number : 144158
Tags : Basic ,Steps ,Building ,Website ,Putting ,Web ,Shows ,videos ,website ,host ,hosts
Category : Video Production
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Date : 2012-12-11
By: Patricia Strasser
Wonderful fiftieth birthday gift suggestions for a techie include old tech, latest version of yesterday's technology, music and also films of the past, and gift certificate.(read entire article)
View : 81 Times   Article Number : 143913
Tags : Amazing ,Fiftieth ,Birthday ,Gift ,Ideas ,Techie ,gift ,techie ,birthday ,music ,certificate ,individual ,celebrant ,give ,item
Category : Shopping
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Date : 2012-12-09
By: Patricia Strasser
Ideas in relaxing tight curls include shampooing the hair, using conditioner, having an oil treatment, blow drying your hair, braiding your hair at night, and using styling shampoos and conditioners(read entire article)
View : 93 Times   Article Number : 143698
Tags : Six ,Basic ,Tips ,Relaxing ,Curls ,hair ,curls ,conditioner ,utilize ,therapy ,perm ,loosen
Category : For Women
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Date : 2012-12-08
By: Patricia Strasser
Tips to assist a teenager with heartache include reminding the teenager of her or his good qualities, keeping communication lines available, giving her or him some time, and encouraging her or him to go out.(read entire article)
View : 86 Times   Article Number : 143596
Tags : Four ,Valuable ,Tips ,Adolescent ,Heartache ,feel ,teenager ,talk ,heartaches ,teen
Category : Parenting
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Date : 2012-12-06
By: Patricia Strasser
Gift items for your wife's 50th birthday include hobby objects, new interests, major items, and sentimental gifts.(read entire article)
View : 58 Times   Article Number : 143237
Tags : Four ,Fiftieth ,Birthday ,Gift ,Ideas ,Wife ,wife ,birthday
Category : Shopping
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Date : 2012-12-03
By: Patricia Strasser
Tips in purchasing kitchen rugs include determining the size of the rug, selecting the color, selecting the rugs, thinking about the price, and organizing the rugs.(read entire article)
View : 57 Times   Article Number : 142780
Tags : Tips ,Buying ,Kitchen ,Rugs ,rugs ,kitchen ,floor ,feet ,best
Category : Shopping
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Date : 2012-11-27
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